Witnesses record suspected drunk driver on cell phone

It’s becoming more common to see accidents witnessed and recorded with cell phones.
Two young men traveling down a Florida highway witness a suspected drunk driver cause an accident, and it was all caught on a cell phone video.

The YouTube video shows a Nissan pickup truck collide with a Ford. A person who was in the Nissan runs away from the crash scene and tries to throw away a bottle of alcohol before being arrested by police. (It wasn’t the driver.) The witnesses chase down the guy with their cell phone in hand, still catching the whole thing on video.

According to YouTube comments posted by the witnesses who recorded the accent, the driver in the Ford was injured. He’s shown in the video laying down, but he was said to be ok.

Because of the intense use of language in the video, we didn’t post it; however, the screen shots taken show the series of events that took place in the accident from the time the Nissan started veering into the other lane to the point an arrest was made. The scenes in the grass were taken while the witnesses chased down the passenger who tried to get rid of the bottle of alcohol.