Utah officer fired after allegations claim she faked DUI cases


A story in the New York Times has reported that a Utah Highway Patrol officer was taken off of the force after allegations were brought forth that she falsely arrested more than 40 people for driving under the influence. She had been with the force for 10 years.

According to the New York Times, allegations were filed in Salt Lake City’s District Court last month, accusing an officer of arresting drivers who claim they don’t drink alcohol at all. In fact, some were even arrested after passing a sobriety test.

The article also said that in 2010, the Highway Patrol sergeant reviewed 20 of the officer’s marijuana impairment arrests, and found that drivers had no traces of drugs in their system.

The officer seemed to have had a pretty clean record until now. The New York Times says she was named Trooper of the year in 2007.

The officer is currently appealing her termination. The officer’s lawyer said in the story that allegations were taken out of context and most of the arrests had stood up in court.

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Photo Credit: The New York Times