Traffic cam catches doctor’s SUV airborne accident

Wednesday 14th, November 2012 / 16:45
Traffic cam catches doctor’s SUV airborne accident

An emergency room doctor in Wellesley, Massachusetts, has been relieved of her position after she was involved in an auto accident while under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

According to ABC News, police say Dr. Kristin Howard was behind the wheel last Friday when they found class C and E controlled substances in her possession, prescriptions that she allegedly wrote herself.

A traffic camera caught the doctor speeding through a Whole Foods grocery store parking lot, driving across a median, and going airborne before crashing and into another vehicle.

The doctor first told police she was headed to the hospital, but later changed her story and said she was going home.

Ironically, Dr. Howard was given the award of Doctor of the Year at Newton-Wellesley Hospital in 2009, the story said.

The doctor has been ordered to stay sober until her next court date Jan. 7.

See the video of the crash below:


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