Thieves steal 5 Camaros from North Carolina dealership

Stealing a car isn’t the easiest task in the world, and is certainly frowned upon, but stealing 5?

According to, five Camaros were stolen from a car dealership in North Carolina, each driven off the lot by a different driver.

However, one of the stolen cars, a red 2013 ZL1 worth $62K, was found several miles from the dealership in a parking lot, the story said.

The Post and Courier reported that the thieves probably arrived after dark on Sunday into Monday. Employees came in to work and saw that the dealership’s 2013 ZL1 was missing from the showroom floor, and noticed that a key safe had been pried open.

The other Camaros reported missing are a yellow 2012 1SS coupe, a red 2012 1SS coupe, a white 2012 2SS coupe and a black 2012 1SS convertible.

North Charleston police spokesman Spencer Pryor said to The Post and Courier that the case is still in the investigative stage and that detectives have not identified a suspect or suspects.

“Nothing at this time indicates that this may be a part of a theft ring, but investigators are looking at every angle of the theft,” he told the newspaper.

The story says the total cost of the stolen vehicles totals $240,000.

Photo Credit: Post and Courier


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