1965 Mercury Comet puts up impressive numbers at drag strip

The 1965 Mercury Comet was packed with a 6-cylinder engine that was increased from 170 cid to 200 cid, after the previous model, it but still used a single-carrel carb that helped it produce 200 horsepower at 440 rmps. It was paired with a standard 3-speed manual transmission, though an automatic was also an option at the time.

A 289 cubic-inch V8 was also available with three horsepower ratings – the 2-barrel 200 hp, the 4-barrel 225 hp and the 289 cubic-inch that could produce 271 hp.

In the video above, this Comet puts up pretty impressive numbers at the 2012 Nostalgia Dragfest Invitational that took place at the Oxford Dragway in Maine. Take a look, and tell us what you think. Send us a tweet to @PowerBlockTV, or leave us a comment on our Facebook page.

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