Ferrari 458 crashes on Italian highway

A Ferrari 458 crashes into a guardrail while driving on a wet, Italian highway. The guy shooting the video didn’t have a dash cam, but was probably taking a video of one of his favorite rides when he caught this on his camera.

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14 Ferraris crash on Japanese highway

According to the YouTube description, 14 Ferraris were involved in a series accident when the driver of one tried to change lanes and hit the median barrier. He spun across the freeway, and the other cars collided while trying to avoid hitting his car.

No word on injuries.

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Children’s ATV race turns ugly after accident

It’s a proud moment for any parent who has a kid with a drive to compete with others, especially when it involves anything with a motor. However, when kids get started in motocross sports, it’s often pretty dangerous. Even if every safety precaution is taken, there are bound to be accidents.

According to the video description, the trouble started as the #1 driver took the lead coming out of turn four at the end of lap 2. On lap 3, he took too much speed into turn 2, hit the wall and was ejected from his quad. The driver of the #44, who he was battling for the lead, stopped and got off his bike. He was then run down by the 3rd place driver.

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Sneezing fit contributed to multi-car crash at dealership lot

The California Highway Patrol said that a sneezing fit was to blame after a truck driver crashed into nearly a dozen vehicles at a dealership, Inside Bay Area reported.

A 42-year-ld man was driving the truck when he started sneezing uncontrollably and drove the vehicle to the right and crashed into a 2001 Mitsubishi parked on the shoulder. The truck then pushed the Mitsubishi up onto the sidewalk, off the roadway, then continued overt the sidewalk and into a metal fence that belonged to the dealership, the story said.

The truck was only going about 30-35 mph.

Law enforcement officials say that they don’t believe that drugs or alcohol were involved.

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