BARNEY – 1900HP Purple VIPER!

BARNEY - 1900HP Purple VIPER!

We all love Viper’s because…well it’s a Viper! This Viper however takes things to a whole new level with 1900HP!! Listen to this thing..hear that? ..that’s called legendary.

Closest Roll Race of the Year!!!

This is by far the CLOSEST race we have EVER had to call! The Texas Invitational is home to the FASTEST roll racing in the nation and this race between Frank’s twin turbo, sequentially shifted 1600HP Dodge Viper and Ricky’s Dallas Performance / Underground Racing twin turbo 1500HP Lamborghini Gallardo was no exception! This was the final race of the Rear Wheel Drive Class at the 2014 fall event and little did we know how close this race would be! Check out this video and see how this one ends up!

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Power Wheels race puts Vette against Viper

A parents puts his kids head-to-head in a race that challenges the new Fisher-Price Power Wheels 2014 Corvette Stingray against the Kid Trax SRT Viper.

According to the YouTube description, the Stingray is a 12v and rated at 6 mph, and the SRT Viper is a 16v also rated at 6 mph.

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Hennessey upgrades 2013 Viper GTS

Hennessey has released the latest video of the upgrade 2013 Viper GTS with the Venom 700R upgrade.


Specs from their website:

0 – 60 mph
0 – 100 mph
0 – 300 km/h
0 – 200 mph
1/4 mile
Standing Half Mile
Standing One Mile
Top Speed
2.7 sec.
5.6 sec.
13.63 sec. – Guinness World Record
14.51 sec. – Hypercar World Record
9.92 sec. @ 163 mph
206 mph
253 mph
278 mph


Horsepower 1244 bhp @ 6600 rpm (Cockpit adjustable from 800 bhp, 1000 bhp & 1244 bhp)
Torque 1155 lb-ft @ 4400 rpm


Type V8
Block Aluminum
Size 427 CID (7.0 Liter)
Position Mid Longitudinal
Compression 9.2:1
Redline 7,200 rpm
Forced Induction Twin Precision Turbo Ball Bearing Turbochargers
Oiling System Dry Sump Lubrication
Fuel System Sequential Multi-Port Electronic Fuel Injection


Type Ricardo 6-Speed Manual
Gear Ratios 2.61:1, 1.71:1, 1.23:1, 0.94:1, 0.77:1, 0.63:1
Final Drive 3.36:1


Calipers Brembo 6-Piston (all four corners)
Rotors 15.0 x 1.34 in. Carbon Ceramic (all four corners)


Type Penske Adjustable Coilover (all four corners)
Ride Height Adjustable by 2.4 inches (60 mm)


Length 15.27 ft. (4,655 mm)
Width 6.43 ft. (1,960 mm)
Wheelbase 110.24 in. (2,800 mm)
Track – Front 63.46 in. (1,612 mm)
Track – Rear 63.15 in. (1,604 mm)


Material Carbon fiber composite except doors & roof
Type 2-door

Weights & Measures

Curb Weight 2,743 lbs (1,244 kilograms)
F / R Balance 37 / 63 (empty); 44 / 56 (with driver & passenger)
Fuel Capacity 18.5 gal. (70 Liter)

Wheels & Tires

Tire – Front 265/30/19 Michelin Pilot Super Sport
Tire – Rear 345/30/20 Michelin Pilot Super Sport
Wheel – Front 9.5 x 19 in.
Wheel – Rear 12.5 x 20 in.


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Is this the world’s fastest stick shift Mustang?

Is this the world's fastest stick shift Mustang

The owner of this Mustang was eager to get it back on the strip after making some mods to improve its performance.

“There’s more left in the car with a more aggressive tune and higher boost, but unfortunately the car is only legal to 8.50s and the season’s come to an end,” said the vehicle’s owner and youtube poster.

He continues to say that he believes it’s the world’s fastest pass for a Mustang on a true (synchronized) manual transmission.

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Viper shows off, runs off road

Viper shows off, runs off road

The YouTube title says this Viper makes 1100 horsepower, but apparently it was too much for this guy to handle as he was trying to show off. Watch him lose control of the vehicle and run off the road.

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Deer causes extensive damage to 2004 Dodge Viper SRT-10

Deer causes extensive damage to 2004 Dodge Viper SRT-10.

A 2004 Dodge Viper SRT-10 lost traction on a Pennsylvania road when it tried to swerve around a deer. According to, the vehicle was going the speed limit when it crashed into several trees, and thankfully, no one was hurt.

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Corvette vs. Viper

It’s a 915 horsepower S/C ‘Vette vs. 900 horsepower S/C Viper in a race at the Texas Invitational 2013.

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