myPowerBlock: Toyota FJ Flexin’

myPowerBlock member Juan Eduardo Maldonad Urzua shared this great video of his Toyota FJ flexing on a log.

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PowerBlock TV’s NEW Driveway Rescue comes to viewers’ homes to help out their projects!

PowerBlock TV will be taking over garages across America in a new franchise that offers assistance to viewers who are having trouble with their automotive projects.

RTM Productions is excited to announce the newest addition to its how-to lineup, Driveway Rescue, premiering during PowerBlock in 2013.

“Driveway Rescue is all about interacting with PowerBlock fans and their projects,” said Matthew Hawkins, Vice President of Marketing for RTM Productions. “It’s the next evolution in our automotive media.”

Hosts from Xtreme 4×4, Trucks!, HorsePower and MuscleCar will travel throughout the country to offer assistance to viewers struggling with their projects.

Driveway Rescue will help the viewer over their hurdle and break down the how-to for the fans at home. Viewers interested in participating in Driveway Rescue can register online and submit a video and application explaining the help they need on their project.

“Driveway Rescue let’s our hosts visit a retailer, get the needed parts and travel to viewers homes to help them through their project. Everybody wins,” said Joe St. Lawrence, Executive Producer for RTM Productions.

The series will be presented in three-minute segments that will air inside of Xtreme 4X4, Trucks!, HorsePower and MuscleCar during PowerBlock TV’s weekend lineup.

Viewers who want to be considered for PowerBlock TV’s Driveway Rescue can click here to go to the application: Driveway Rescue

Also, tune in to PowerBlock this weekend to see a preview of Driveway Rescue! PowerBlock comes on at 9 a.m. EST on Spike TV!

RTM has been the leading automotive marketing solutions company for over twenty years, specializing in producing and distributing high quality how-to automotive programs and commercials. RTM’s unique facilities serve as a single source for producing high definition content for over 90 auto endemic companies.

More information about RTM Production’s PowerBlock TV can be found at