Hamster steers a 15-ton Volvo FMX up a mountain

Hamster steers a 15-ton Volvo FMX up a mountain

See Charlie the hamster steer a 15-ton Volvo FMX up a mountain in a test of the latest steering system of the truck. Apparently it’s supposed to show you that it’s so easy, you can steer a heavy truck with your finger tips (or a small animal).

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Australian man pays for parking ticket with coins

Australian man pays for parking ticket with coins

A man in Australia became disgruntled after receiving a $60 parking ticket, so he decided to pay the Adelaide City Council in nickels, and took a video of it.

The Telegraph reports that the council isn’t obligated to accept the coin payment and his currently holding the man’s change in a safe, but his fine is still outstanding.

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VIDEO: Bad Habit Monster Truck jumps into the record books

Bad Habit Monster Truck jumps into the record books

From KMC:

COLUMBUS, Penn. – The Bad Habit Monster Truck crushed the distance jump world record with a 237-foot, 6-inch jump at the Cornfield 500. KMC Wheels today releases its exclusive online video of the stunt.

Driver Joe Sylvester topped 85-mph in his 10,000 pound monster truck to launch into the record books September 1. He crushed the previous distance record by 23 feet.

Although monster trucks regularly get air during shows, this jump attempt was unique, calling for high speeds and enough height to clear a three-story building.

“Nobody ever hits a jump going that fast in a monster truck. In a stadium format, you’re not going even half the speed I was doing for the record jump,” said Sylvester. “The current land-speed record in a monster truck is only 86 mph.”

Before climbing into the enormous truck on September 1, Sylvester pledged to keep trying until “we break the record, or break the truck.” It took weeks of preparation and careful planning but the driver was able to claim the record on his first try. The jump was a massive air that that saw the Bad Habit truck over-rotate and come down hard on its front wheels — a close call, but Sylvester was able to save the landing.

“The level of risk is about as high as you can go in a monster truck. I can’t really think of anything else that would be higher risk than that. If you crash at that speed and from that height it’s pretty devastating,” said Sylvester.

Sylvester, who first claimed the record in 2010 with a 208-foot jump, says he expects this distance jump achievement to stand for a long time.

“It’s not a matter of the difficulty,” says Sylvester. “It’s if they’ve got the balls to hit a jump at 85 miles per hour, and as far as I know there’s not anybody ready to step up and take that kind of a chance yet.”

Previous distance jump record setters Travis Pastrana, Robbie Maddison and Tanner Foust chimed in before the stunt to offer their support to driver Sylvester.

“I’ve driven a monster truck and it’s the most violent thing you’ve ever done,” said Pastrana, who landed a 269-ft rally car jump off the Long Beach Pier in 2009.

“Holy s**t, that is amazing,” said Robbie Maddison, who jumped a dirt bike 378-ft, nine-inches in 2012.

“That guy’s still alive?” asked Foust, who flew a trophy truck 332-ft at an IndyCar stunt in 2011.

Sylvester is the owner/operator of the Bad Habit monster truck in the Monster Jam series, is the newly crowned Young Guns World Champion. He has an impressive 55 race wins, 12 final round victories, and an outstanding 62 total freestyle wins within seven years of monster truck competition.

The new record was set following criteria determined by the official Guinness World Records guidelines. The Guinness organization is undertaking verification procedures and is expected to officially confirm the world record in the coming weeks.

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Bus carrying high school team catches fire on interstate

A bus carrying a junior varsity football team catches fire before their first game of the season.

John Garrow, principal of Central Catholic High School, said in the YouTube video description that everyone made it off the bus safely.

Firefighters were able to recover some of the the team’s gear off of the bus, but how much was saved wasn’t specified. Blue Star Transportation, the bus operating company, didn’t comment about what happened.

The driver also declined to comment.

A replacement bus and a couple of vans picked up the students and took them back to their high school. A reason for the bus fire wasn’t given.

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Hundreds injured in 130-car pile-up in southeast England

Hundreds injured in 130-car pile-up in southeast England

A car accident involving 130 vehicles on a bridge in southeast England has injured about 200 people, with 27 of them being taken to a local hospital.

The accident took place a 7:15 a.m. (2:15 Eastern Time) on the A249, a road that bridges the M2 and M20.

Reports say that the accident was likely caused by poor visibility because of heavy fog.

Thankfully, there were no deaths reported.

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