Chevy teases ‘Calibration’ video before unveiling of C7 2014 Corvette

With only 45 days to go until the public unveiling of the 2014 Corvette, Chevy is keeping enthusiasts on their toes by releasing teaser videos of its C7.

Alex McDonald, performance integration engineer for the Corvette team says the C7 has a new level of electronic integration. “You don’t feel like you’re driving to the car. You feel like the car is doing exactly what you want it to do. It’s making the car right for the road you’re on No compromises.”

The official public unveiling with be January 13, 2013, at the Detroit auto show. The final two videos will be released on December 17 and January 10.

Check out Chevy’s latest Corvette teaser video, “Calibration,” and tell us what you think. Send us a tweet to @PowerBlockTV or leave a comment on our facebook page.

Tell us what you think, PowerBlock fans. Send us a tweet to @PowerBlockTV or leave a comment on our facebook page.

PowerBlock viewer request: Hillbilly burnout video

Earlier today, we asked PowerBlock fans if they wanted to see a burnout vid or an off-road vid. Many of you wanted to see both, so when we stumbled upon this video called, “Hillbilly Burnout,” we could pass up showing this to fans because we thought this (sorta) had a little mix of both.

Check it out. And yes, we’ll have more to come!

Dirt bike crash victim “hooked” and dragged by helmet

Some of the most insane accidents captured on video involve motorcycles, and this one is no exception.

In the video below, a group of guys in a dirt bike race get off to a rough start one one of them lost their balance. A rider from behind attempted to avoid the accident, but instead, hooked the fallen rider’s helmet and carried him a few yards.

Thankfully, everyone was ok.

Thoughts? Leave a comment below, or send us a tweet to @PowerBlockTV.

Russians struggle to cross fresh-paved street

Among the things we questions we had watching this video:

1. How do they not see the orange trucks still paving the street?
2. Does everyone in Russia jaywalk?
3. If you see people struggling to cross that part of the street, why would you follow behind them?

We’re sure you found some others, and we’re confidant you’ll point them out for us.

Well, at least this video made for some interesting mid-morning entertainment.

Check it out.


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