PowerBlock’s Trucks! turns cozy Christmas blanket into custom front bumper


This weekend on a NEW episode of Trucks!, Kevin’s taking his prized Christmas-cozy “blankie” and turning it into a hard-core, custom race track front bumper! Then we’re gonna install it on Project Rolling Thunder – Our 600-plus horsepower street-legal race-track ready Ford Ranger!

In the beginning of the show, we see Kevin kicking back in the shop with a bag of popcorn.

“I know that you or someone in your family has gotten one of these as a gift,” Kevin says, “and I know you don’t want to hurt the feelings of the person who got you this as a gift, but you don’t really know what to do with it. Well, don’t worry. I’m gonna help you out.”

He’s not kidding.

“I just hope he’s wearing more than his birthday suit under that thing,” Trucks! host Ryan Shand says.

Kevin goes on to explain that the custom bumper is made out of a combination of fiberglass and fleece, and the end result is a custom-molded bumper with an aerodynamic shape and enough real estate to house the APR, carbon-fiber inlets for the brake cooling ducts, as well as some real estate for some kind of a fog light down the road.

Don’t miss this cool project, because you never know if you’re gonna get suck with one of those “blankies” this holiday season and have the opportunity to make it part of your automotive project. The NEW episode of airs this weekend at 9:30 EST! You can go ahead and check out the parts list right here: Trucks! Parts List.

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