Monte Carlo owner shows off ride, Halloween spirit

Monte Carlo owner shows off ride, Halloween spirit

This video should get you in the Halloween spirit.

myPowerBlock member “Lavarr King” posted this video to We won’t give away what he does in the video, but let’s just say that not only does he show off the power under the hood, but you can see he has a bit of a sense of humor.

According to his myPowerBlock profile, his custom 1971 Monte Carlo has a 540 and a 400 turbo Super Street Fighter transmission.

After you’re done watching the video, you may have to chance your pants … either from laughing or having the crap scared out of you.


Presidential limousine breaks down after it’s filled up with wrong fuel


CNN reports that a limousine that was supposed to take President Obama around Israel broke down Wednesday before he arrived in the country.

The story says that the driver refueled it using gasoline rather than diesel fuel. It failed to start and had to be towed in Jerusalem. The driver was said to be an American.

The presidential state car, “The Beast,” was manufactured by General Motors in 2009. Most of the details about the car aren’t revealed for security reasons, but the car is sealed against biochemical attacks, and the car is driven by a Secret Service agent who is capable of performing a J-turn, which can turn the limo 180 degrees in a matter of seconds.

When the limo is the United States, it sports the American flag; however, it is customary that when the President is in a foreign country, the vehicle adorns that country’s flag.

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