A runaway Jeep on fire drives through city streets of Austin

According to KXAN, this Jeep “backfired and caught fire” not long after leaving a parking garage. The driver jumped out of the vehicle, but the Jeep kept going until it hit a BMW.

Officials say that no one was hurt.

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Ice avalanche destroys car in Texas

ice storm, texas, ice avalanche

Ice storms are dangerous and unpredictable, even after the weather system moves through. As the ice starts to melt from trees, buildings and vehicles, you never know when ice or debris could hit the ground, causing damage at any time.

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2014 Chevy Impala slams into multiple C7 Corvette Stingrays

2014 Chevy Impala slams into multiple C7 Corvette Stingrays


Carscoops reports that an eyewitness and the person who took the pictures shared the following information about what happened:

“The individual responsible was a special needs person that had a driver’s license SOMEHOW. But he made two Laps inside the parking area and took out 2 Vettes and 2 impalas. He claimed to have had a diabetic shock. But witness says he had a very deranged look on his face and he knew what he was doing. Needless to say he walked off without any fines or charges against him AND the free t-shirt for driving the cars.”

Various blogs and forums online are reporting that a 2014 Impala slammed into two or three C7 Corvettes at the Chevy Ride and Drive event in Texas.

Corvette Blogger jokingly called it “a case of Bow-tie on Bow-tie violence.”

Apparently the driver of the Impala was test driving the vehicle and managed to lose control.

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2014 Chevy Impala slams into multiple C7 Corvette Stingrays

Train strikes tractor trailer stuck on tracks

Train strikes tractor trailer stuck on tracks

According to the Associated Press, a tractor-trailer stuck on some tracks in west Texas was struck by an oncoming trail that dragged it a half-mile before coming to a stop. Thankfully the driver of the rig had just exited the rig right before it was struck. No injuries were reported.

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A Million and Counting Toyota Texas Produces One Millionth Truck

From Toyota:

SAN ANTONIO, Texas – It’s been said that the stars at night are big and bright, deep in the heart of Texas.

However, today in San Antonio, Toyota trucks are shining bright.

This morning, the 2,800 team members at Toyota Texas, on the city’s South Side, celebrated the milestone of assembling the plant’s one millionth truck – a Sunset Bronze Mica colored, 1794 Edition Tundra – with one thing in mind: satisfied customers.

“We are grateful for our loyal customers across North America who tell us they love driving Texas-built Tacomas and Tundras,” said Chris Nielsen, president of Toyota Texas. “It makes me incredibly proud of our team members and 21 on-site suppliers every time I see one of our trucks on the road knowing that safety and quality are built into every one of them.”

Toyota Texas produces the Tacoma and Tundra trucks and will celebrate its 10 year anniversary since groundbreaking this fall. The new 1794 Edition Tundra is a tribute to the ranch, founded in 1794, on which the truck plant is located.

Some notable facts and stats about Toyota Texas and the one millionth truck milestone:

-If you lined up the one million trucks Toyota Texas has produced, it would stretch approximately 3,700 miles; or approximately from The Alamo to Honolulu, Hawaii.
-The redesigned 2014 Tundra is among Toyota’s most American vehicle ever. Styling was completed by Calty Design Research centers in Newport Beach, Calif., and Ann Arbor, Mich.; and it was engineered by the Toyota Technical Center, also in Ann Arbor.
-V6 and V8 engines for all Tacomas and Tundras are manufactured at Toyota’s Huntsville, Ala., engine plant; all transmissions are manufactured in Durham, N.C.
-Production at the plant began in October 2006 with the Tundra. Tacoma production was added in the summer of 2010.
-21 on-site suppliers, who employ 2,900, have had a big hand in ensuring that quality, durability and reliability are built into every truck.

Explore the tradition and experience the innovation behind the best trucks in the world. Free weekday plant tours at Toyota are available to the public. Please visit www.ToyotaTexas.com for more information.

Truck decal causes controversy in Texas community

Truck decal causes controversy in Texas community

You would probably want to call the police if you saw a woman tied up in the back of a truck, which exactly why a decal is causing so much controversy in Waco, Texas.

A marketing and advertising company wanted to promote the part of their business that specializes in truck decals and drove around in a vehicle showing an image of a woman tied up.

The business owner said that a female employee volunteered to be tied up and used in a photo shoot that would be turned into a graphic. According to KWTX.com, some people said they’ve actually called the police when they saw the decal, but the business owner said he hasn’t been approached about it yet.

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myPowerBlock: ’78 K5 Blazer Mud Truck

myPowerBlock member Dennis Martinez shared this awesome video his ’78 K5 Blazer tearing up the mud at The Canadian River in Amarillo, TX.

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