MuscleCar: Build By Request, Part 1

This week on a new episode of MuscleCar, the guys answer your e-mails about how to take care of a variety of projects on your car, most of which can save you money. Learn how to weld cast iron, how to fix sloppy, floppy door hinges, and go to paint school. Also, see why all primers are not created equal!

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MuscleCar: Copo Camaro Component Restoration

MuscleCar Copo Camaro Component Restoration

This week on a NEW episode of MuscleCar, the guys work on rescuing several stock pieces of their 1969 COPO Camaro Tribute Project. A pair of bucket seats with broken frames need some help, a steering column rebuild can save serious bucks, and we show you a garage-fix for a broken plastic grill!

Catch this NEW episode of MuscleCar at 10:30 a.m. EST on Spike TV!

69 Camaro, the Z28 RS

Plus, flashback takes a look at our COPO’s cousin, another famous ’69 Camaro, the Z28 RS. (AKA “The Hugger.”)

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New episode of Trucks! shows you easy rust repair, improved efficiency for diesel-powered vehicles


This weekend on a NEW episode of trucks, we show you how to do the easiest rust repair known to man, and that’s by replacing the rusty panel with a brand new sheet metal one!

Kevin explains that you don’t need to replace a door every single time, but after addressing the rust, the misalignment and the outdated speakers in the door, the best solution is to swap it with something better.

Also, the guys take a Kenworth big rig out for a test drive and show you how to improve fuel economy, torque and horsepower in diesel-powered vehicles!

Don’t miss this episode of Trucks! this weekend at 10:00 a.m. EST on Spike TV!

Take a look at the parts used in this week’s episode: Trucks! Parts