The EPA Seeks to Prohibit Conversion of Vehicles Into Racecars…

Washington, DC (February 8, 2016) – The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has proposed a regulation to prohibit conversion of vehicles originally designed for on-road use into racecars. The regulation would also make the sale of certain products for use on such vehicles illegal. The proposed regulation was contained within a non-related proposed regulation entitled “Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Fuel Efficiency Standards for Medium- and Heavy-Duty Engines and Vehicles—Phase 2.”

The regulation would impact all vehicle types, including the sports cars, sedans and hatch-backs commonly converted strictly for use at the track. While the Clean Air Act prohibits certain modifications to motor vehicles, it is clear that vehicles built or modified for racing, and not used on the streets, are not the “motor vehicles” that Congress intended to regulate.

“This proposed regulation represents overreaching by the agency, runs contrary to the law and defies decades of racing activity where EPA has acknowledged and allowed conversion of vehicles,” said SEMA President and CEO Chris Kersting. “Congress did not intend the original Clean Air Act to extend to vehicles modified for racing and has re-enforced that intent on more than one occasion.”

SEMA submitted comments in opposition to the regulation and met with the EPA to confirm the agency’s intentions. The EPA indicated that the regulation would prohibit conversion of vehicles into race cars and make the sale of certain emissions-related parts for use on converted vehicles illegal. Working with other affected organizations, including those representing legions of professional and hobbyist racers and fans, SEMA will continue to oppose the regulation through the administrative process and will seek congressional support and judicial intervention as necessary.

The EPA has indicated it expects to publish final regulations by July 2016.

Ring Brothers show off 1965 Mustang Carbon Fiber Body at SEMA 2013

From the Ring Brothers:

– Complete carbon fiber 1965-1966 fastback body panels
– Superior quality carbon fiber with vacuum infused epoxy resins to create the best fiber-to-resin ratio and a lighter, stronger, faster car
– Fenders, doors and quarter panels are widened 2-inches per side
– Carbon fiber shell can be bonded to your original skin and unibody
– Sold as body panels for a do-it-yourself project or can be a complete build by Ring Brothers
– Custom widebody chassis is available

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Coyote-powered ’67 Shelby GT500CR debuts at 2013 SEMA show

From Classic Recreations:

Custom coachbuilder, Classic Recreations, debuted its Coyote powered 1967 Shelby G.T.500CR in the Dynacorn booth at the 2013 SEMA Show. The Classic Recreations G.T.500CR is the only officially licensed 1967 Shelby Mustang in production, and this Coyote engine model features modern performance suspension, model specific bodywork, custom paint and hand-stitched upholstery to create a Shelby with classic Mustang styling and modern driving performance-a formula for which Classic Recreations is known .

Powered by a Ford Racing Coyote 5.0 crate engine, this G.T500CR has 490 horsepower and 429 ft-lb of torque at 4,250 RPMs. Like the 545 model, Classic Recreations begins with an original Mustang body by Dynacorn, completely stripping it down and adding modernized suspension, power rack and pinion steering and a Tremec five speed manual transmission to insert modern driving experience. Other features include Carroll Shelby signature rally series 1000 seats, larger 17×9.5 rear wheels and front and rear coilover suspension for modern sports car handling.

“If you like the graceful drivability of a modern G.T.500, but prefer the classic Mustang styling, this is the car for you,” said Classic Recreations owner, Jason Engel. “Classic Recreations combines modern technology with classic styling to create a best-of-both worlds experience. Now, customers can get a CR car with the same engine offered by Ford for the current Mustang.”

Classic Recreations also offers a G.T.500CR 900s model, which has all the features of the 545 model plus boosted power to 780hp with an F1-R Intercooled ProCharger supercharged engine. Other upgrades include a 200mph speedometer and racing-style bucket seats. The 900s also boasts suspension and chassis upgrades as well as 17×11″ rear wheels and wider ultra high performance Goodyear tires.

All G.T.500CRs are available in five different color schemes and features authentic Shelby Performance parts and a real Shelby Le Mans racing gas cap. The Classic Recreations cars also come with an official Shelby serial number, badges and are included in the official Shelby Worldwide Registry.

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General Motors: E-ROD-Powered 1978 Chevy 4X4 Combines Classic Style with Modern Performance – And Emissions Compliance

E-ROD-Powered 1978 Chevy 4X4 Combines Classic Style with Modern Performance – And Emissions Compliance

From GM:

LAS VEGAS – Blending classic styling with modern performance, the 1978 Chevrolet Performance 4×4 pickup concept demonstrates the limitless possibilities for Chevrolet Performance’s Connect & Cruise crate powertrain systems.

Chevrolet introduced the truck today at the SEMA Show, the annual convention of automotive performance parts and styling accessories. It’s powered by an E-ROD 5.3L system – an emissions-compliant powertrain package that includes an automatic-overdrive transmission, control modules, wiring harnesses and other key components all under one part number.

“Chevrolet Performance continues to make it easier for enthusiasts to build the project vehicle of their dreams and this concept vehicle exemplifies only one of the countless ways enthusiasts can put the comprehensive Connect & Cruise systems to use,” said Jim Campbell, GM U.S. vice president of Performance Vehicles and Motorsports. “The innovative E-ROD crate engine also matches high-performance with environmental responsibility.”

The specially calibrated controllers of the Connect & Cruise powertrain systems are designed for retrofit installations in older vehicles, for easier and quicker installation and operation without the need for third-party tuning – and the E-ROD versions include additional equipment that makes them eligible for installation in approximately 20 million 1995-and-earlier cars and trucks in California that predate OBD II on-board emissions diagnostics.

The 327-cubic-inch E-ROD 5.3L engine is rated at 326 horsepower – approximately 80 horses more than the available 454-cubic-inch big-block engine in 1978 – and it’s matched with a 4L70-E automatic transmission. The overdrive transmission enhances the drivability and efficiency of the classic truck, with reduced engine rpm while cruising on the highway.

Chevrolet Performance also offers LS3 and supercharged LSA Connect & Cruise package that are available in E-ROD configurations. All E-ROD systems include complete emissions equipment, such as catalytic converters and a fuel tank evaporative emissions canister.

For builders outside of California, LS376-480, LS376-525 and LS7 Connect & Cruise systems are offered, in addition to the 5.3L, LS3 and LSA packages. Each package – including E-ROD systems – carries a 24-month/50,000-mile limited warranty.

Chevrolet Performance offers a guide for installing an LS-family engine in a vehicle not originally equipped with it. It is available under part number 88959384 and can be purchased through Chevrolet dealerships.

Restored and updated

The classic 1978 Chevy truck’s regular-cab/short-box body features a contemporary black-and-red two-tone paint scheme, along with reconditioning bright exterior trim. New 16×8-inch silver powder-coated wheels wrapped with LT305/70R16 all-terrain tires also contribute to a more contemporary stance.

The restored body is mounted on a refurbished frame that was media-blasted and powder-coated matte black. The front and rear suspensions were restored with rebuilt springs and axles, and all-new bushings. The power steering system was rebuilt, along with the original transfer case.

On the inside, the blend of vintage and new continues with re-trimmed seat weather red leatherette surrounding red-and-black houndstooth cloth inserts. The original instrument panel is updated, too, with modern gauges.

“We couldn’t improve on the vintage styling of this Chevy truck, but with its greater horsepower and comparable torque, the E-ROD 5.3L enhances its capability,” said Campbell. “That’s the essence of Chevrolet Performance’s Connect & Cruise powertrains – giving customers the best modern technology to complement their classic cruiser.”

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Bisimoto 2014 Honda Odyssey Project

Bisimoto 2014 Honda Odyssey Project

From Honda:

Bisimoto Engineering is known worldwide for awe-inspiring street, show and race vehicles. With no fear of the unknown, Bisimoto is always on the cutting edge of automotive technology. The Bisimoto 2014 Honda Odyssey “Power-Van” was no exception and was designed for those that desire the very best in performance and reliability. This “Power-Van” was built to the tune of 1029 Horsepower.

Powertrain Modifications:

– AEM Electronics
– Infinity ECU
– Arias Pistons
– ARP Headstuds and Bolts
– Bisimoto 360 degree Oil Cap
– Bisimoto Cat-Back Exhaust System
– Burns Stainless Mufflers
– Deatschwerks 2200cc Injectors
– Golden Eagle Sleeves
– Magnafuel 750cc Fuel Pump
– NGK Iridium Spark Plugs
– Odyssey PC 950 Battery
– PurOl “Elite Series” Synthetic Motor Oils
– Portflow Custom Headwork
– R&R Custom Steel Rods
– Racepak IQ3 Dash
– Rywire Mil-Spec Harness
– Turbonetics BTX7265 Twin Turbos
– Wastegate
– Blowoff Valve
– Vibrant Vanjen Clamps and Stainless Steel Hardware
– VP Racing Fuels
– WPC Treatment and Coatings

Chassis/Suspension Modifications:

– Fifteen52 Wheels
– Toyo Tires T1 Sport 255/30/20
– Young Guns Performance Exhaust Coatings

Exterior Modifications:

– Denmatic Design Scheme
– Honda Genuine Accessories
– RJ Powdercoatings
– Rueda Paint Shop

Interior Modifications:

– Bisimoto Reservoir Socks
– G&J Braided Plumbing
– Recaro
– SOS Upholstery

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Volkswagen’s new turbo engines and 2015 Golf on display at SEMA 2013


From Volkswagen:

Las Vegas, NV – With U.S. sales having more than doubled since 2009, Volkswagen continues its march to sustainable growth with the brand’s most compelling lineup in its history and plans to add several exciting new products and innovations in the near future. Two significant enhancements to the VW lineup are being showcased by tuners at this year’s Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) show in Las Vegas. First, the all-new 1.8-liter and 2.0-liter turbocharged and direct-injection four-cylinder EA888 TSI® engines have been introduced into the lineup. The powerful and fuel-efficient 1.8-liter has begun to replace the 2.5-liter five-cylinder engine, starting in the popular Jetta compact sedan, while the updated 2.0-liter powerplant received a 10 horsepower bump late in the 2013 model year, bringing total horsepower to 210. Second, the brand will embark on its next big market introduction with the launch of the seventh-generation Golf and GTI models in 2014.

The automotive aftermarket community has long recognized the performance potential in the lineup and has developed a fleet of highly tuned Volkswagen vehicles for display at the 2013 SEMA show. These include two Jetta models featuring the new 1.8-liter and 2.0-liter turbocharged EA888 engines and a next-generation Golf.

“Volkswagen has a long, rich history with enthusiasts who have tuned models such as the Jetta, Golf and GTI, and Beetle for several decades in the United States,” said Robert Gal, Accessories Product Manager, Volkswagen of America. “With the introduction of an all-new 1.8-liter turbo four cylinder in the Jetta, and a significant update to the 2.0-liter turbo, it is exciting to see aftermarket veterans like H&R and FMS Automotive embrace the brand and develop a fleet of ultimate performance VWs for SEMA.”

The Jetta remains VW’s best-seller, three years after the sixth-generation model was introduced in the U.S. market. But Volkswagen never rests on success and continuously strives to make the Jetta, like every VW, even better. The Jetta is proof of this philosophy, undergoing a number of updates in recent years including the fitment of a new version of the award-winning EA888 2.0-liter turbocharged and direct-injected TSI engine. The new engine makes 210 horsepower (up 10 horsepower over the Gen 2 TSI engine), which helps the Jetta GLI accelerate from 0 to 60 mph a tenth faster with a manual transmission and two tenths quicker with the DSG® dual-clutch automatic. More performance isn’t the only benefit, as the new engine is also more fuel-efficient and weighs in at eight pounds less than the Gen 2 unit.

To highlight the performance potential of VW’s new 2.0-liter turbocharged engine, FMS Automotive built the ultimate performance Jetta. The FMS team successfully transformed the Jetta into a 400-horsepoer “Racer’s Dream in Black and White.”

Building on an already formidable 2.0-liter TSI turbocharged engine as its foundation, the FMS Automotive crew tapped the APR for their Stage 3+ Turbo Kit to help boost output to 425 horsepower, more than double the standard output. To help manage the new-found power, the engine was equipped with APR rods, wristpins, and performance pistons. To help it breathe, an APR carbon fiber cold air intake system with intercooler was installed. Despite the massive increase in power, the performance Jetta still runs on 93 octane pump fuel.

Handling duties are enhanced by the use of an H&R Street coil-over suspension system coupled with H&R Sport anti-roll bars. Silver 19-inch TSW Jerez wheels with chrome lips and wrapped in Nitto NT-05 Z-rated tires provide more grip. With so much more power, this high-performance Jetta needs more stopping power, which the FMS Automotive team found from braking powerhouse Brembo with a set of performance four-piston calipers and cross-drilled rotors.

With all of the performance bases covered, a SEMA show car wouldn’t be complete without striking design enhancements. Out front, the build team combined the Jetta Hybrid grille and the Golf R front fascia with a custom front splitter. All four fenders were widened by approximately two inches, while the team converted the GLI rear bumper to a custom wide-body piece that accommodates a dual-exit exhaust with oval tips. Custom Golf R side skirts were added along with all-new FMS Automotive body side moldings set for release at this year’s SEMA show.

To round out the exterior upgrades, the performance Jetta features matte-finished Candy White premium Axalta Coatings paint. Underscoring the street performance theme, the roof, rear spoiler, and front grille are accented with gloss black paint to create a sporty contrast.

Inside, the team at FMS Automotive left no stone unturned. The front seats were replaced with black and beige Recaro Sportster CS units and FMS matched the updated reupholstered rear seats, door trim, steering wheel, handbrake, and gear shifter. Volkswagen provided a suite of technology enhancements including LED lighting, a full RNS® 315 navigation system with rearview camera, a custom sound box and digital sound processer, and aesthetic pieces such as aluminum pedal caps and door sills. Rounding out the interior, ECS Tuning contributed an integrated digital vent gauge, while Corinthian Textile Solutions provided a custom trunk liner and floor mats.

The performance Jetta will be on display at booth #20255 in Central Hall from November 5 to 8

In addition to the FMS Automotive performance Jetta, an additional Volkswagen Jetta equipped with VW’s all-new 1.8-liter turbocharged Gen 3 EA888 engine and the all-new, seventh-generation Golf will debut at SEMA.

Helios Special Edition Jetta GLI Tribute
As well as showing its ultimate street performance Jetta, FMS Automotive took another Mk6 Jetta featuring the all-new 1.8-liter turbo engine and built a tribute to the 1989 Helios Special Edition Jetta GLI.

With the exterior painted in the same Helios Special Edition blue-and-black paint scheme of the late ’80s original, other key features from the fabled limited-edition model have been incorporated into the 2014 tribute. The VW accessories team provided a body kit for the Jetta and FMS Automotive added custom body side moldings. Other accent pieces, including the rear spoiler and side mirrors, are painted to match the Helios blue/black paint design theme.

Larger Golf R brake calipers custom painted with the “Helios” logo replace the stock pieces and 19-inch Volkswagen Motorsports wheels coated in ceramic gunmetal gray and wrapped with Nitto Invo 235/35 ZR-rated tires are employed on all four corners. A custom exhaust system was also added for more style and a performance sound.

Inside, Recaro Specialist seats were reupholstered in Helios-inspired blue, black and gray striped inserts. The back seats, steering wheel, handbrake, and shifter were reupholstered to match the Helios theme throughout the car while Corinthian custom textile floormats and a trunk liner with embroidered light blue “Helios” logo were installed. VW brushed aluminum pedal caps and aluminum door sills, the RNS 315 navigation system with rearview camera and a custom sound box with digital sound processer round out the long list of interior enhancements. The Helios Tribute Jetta will also be on display at booth #20255 in Central Hall from November 5 to 8.

H&R Volkswagen Golf
Suspension tuner H&R has once again chosen a Volkswagen to build as a SEMA project car: this year, it’s the all-new seventh-generation Golf. VW’s best-selling vehicle around the world creates the ideal canvas to showcase some of the latest suspension innovations from H&R.

For a more sporting stance and added performance, H&R installed a Street Performance Tuner Coil Over suspension system and H&R 26mm Sway Bars front and rear. The special coil-over setup adds more athletic suspension performance for the Golf’s new MQB platform, set at a lowered ride height of 1.5 inches in the front and 1.75 inches in the rear. Added stopping power comes from a Brembo High Performance GT brake system featuring lightweight 12.9-inch diameter, two-piece discs with a custom silver bell and four-piston orange calipers. Goodridge stainless steel brake lines complete the upgraded system.

The new Golf also receives new shoes for SEMA, with a set of SNA-style, forged three-piece concave Rotiform wheels that have a custom brushed finish with matte tinted clear centers and brushed low gloss clear lip. The Rotiform wheels are wrapped in 225/35ZR 19 Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires.

Completing the high performance package is a VW Accessories body styling kit, center exit rear valance and dual exhaust muffler, and a race-inspired hatch top spoiler.

The H&R Golf will be on display at H&R’s booth #21401 in Central Hall from November 5 to 8. For more information about the H&R Golf, visit

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Silverado Cheyenne Concept: Mini Mass, Max Performance

Silverado Cheyenne Concept - Mini Mass, Max Performance

From General Motors:

LAS VEGAS – The Chevrolet Silverado Cheyenne concept vehicle to be unveiled at the SEMA Show on Monday, Nov. 4, embraces the adage that less is more. The performance-oriented version of the all-new 2014 Silverado regular cab combines a reduced curb weight with the performance of the new 420-horsepower 6.2L V-8 for a strong power-to-weight ratio and exhilarating performance.

A lowered ride height, a rear stabilizer bar and Brembo carbon ceramic brakes complement the Cheyenne concept’s high-performance character with enhanced handling and braking capability.

“The Cheyenne concept explores the performance possibilities of the all-new Silverado, which is already built on a mass-efficient layout and delivers a greater balance of performance and efficiency than any other full-size truck in Chevrolet’s history,” said Chris Perry, vice president of Chevrolet marketing.

The unique lightweight features built into the concept vehicle include carbon fiber replacements for the bumpers, tailgate and inner cargo box, shaving approximately 200 pounds from the 4,503 pounds base curb weight of a 5.3L-equipped Silverado regular cab with a 6’6″ box.

Cheyenne designers matched the form of the lightweight components with their low-mass function. The carbon fiber front bumper includes racing-inspired ground effects styling complemented by carbon body-side ground effects while the carbon fiber tailgate incorporates a spoiler. The hood features a Camaro Z/28-inspired extractor vent.

The Camaro Z/28 Brembo carbon ceramic brakes save more weight because the carbon ceramic-matrix rotors are significantly lighter than conventional steel rotors. On the Camaro Z/28, for example, they save more than 20 pounds – and it saves un-sprung weight, too, which enhances driving performance with more immediate and direct handling. The truck rolls on charcoal-painted 19-inch Camaro Z/28 aluminum wheels and high-performance tires.

The Cheyenne diet removes the trailer hitch, spare tire, interior center console and some of the sound-deadening material. The truck also has a lightweight aluminum driveshaft and composite rear leaf springs.

“Lightweighting is a time-honored method of making the most of a vehicle’s performance which Chevrolet has demonstrated time and again with vehicles like the original 2001 Corvette Z06 and the 2014 Camaro Z/28,” said Perry. “And like those vehicles, the Cheyenne complements its lower weight with more horsepower.”

The all-new EcoTec3 6.2L V-8 that powers the concept truck is rated at 420 horsepower and 460 lb-ft of torque – the most power in the light-duty truck segment. It’s unavailable in regular-production Silverado regular cab models, giving the Cheyenne a 65-horsepower and 77 lb-ft boost over the production 5.3L V-8. A Borla performance exhaust system adds an authoritative note to the 6.2L’s output.

What remains is the Silverado’s production six-speed automatic transmission, which features hill descent control, as well as fuel-saving electric power steering and StabiliTrak electronic stability control with hill start assist.

Inside, the Cheyenne’s performance theme is conveyed with Recaro sport seats and a flat-bottom steering wheel, similar to the steering wheel offered in the Camaro ZL1. Available safety features, including lane departure warning, front and rear park assist and a rear-vision camera, enhance safety without detracting from the truck’s performance.

All Silverado models feature a fully boxed frame that serves as the foundation for their strength and capability. The main rails and major cross members are formed from high-strength steel, providing a rigid base for maximum hauling capability.

“Elements such as high-strength steel in the frame and body structure are found on all production models, while some also feature aluminum suspension components, contributing to the Silverado’s everyday performance. With the Cheyenne concept, we’ve taken the low-mass concept to a new level – with exciting results,” Perry said.

“It is only a concept right now, but we are continually exploring new ways to give Silverado customers more.”

FAST FACT: Cheyenne was introduced as a premium Chevy truck trim level in 1971. The name also appeared a futuristic 2003 concept vehicle.

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Chrysler Group LLC Releases Sketches of Mopar-modified Vehicles Headed for SEMA

Today Chrysler Group LLC released sketches of select Mopar-modified vehicles that are headed for the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) show in Las Vegas. The show takes place Nov. 5-8 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

“We developed these Mopar-modified vehicles to inspire ultimate customization,” said Pietro Gorlier, President and CEO of Mopar, Chrysler Group LLC’s service, parts and customer-care brand. “With catalogs full of proven, quality-tested performance parts and accessories, Mopar is a one-stop shop for factory-engineered personalization.”

The company will display 20 Mopar-modified Chrysler, Jeep®, Dodge, Ram, Fiat and SRT vehicles at the show in a 15,300 square-foot exhibit. In addition to custom vehicles, the company will highlight Jeep Performance Parts developed by its newly created Mopar Off-Road Division.

Mopar Brand

Mopar is Chrysler Group LLC’s service, parts and customer-care brand. With the creation of the industrial alliance between Chrysler Group and Fiat S.p.A., Mopar is extending its global reach, integrating service, parts and customer-care operations in order to enhance dealer and customer support worldwide. Mopar’s global portfolio includes more than 500,000 parts and accessories that are distributed in more than 130 markets. Mopar is the source for genuine parts and accessories for Chrysler Group brands as well as Fiat brands.

Mopar parts are unique in that they are engineered with the same teams that create factory-authorized vehicle specifications for Chrysler Group and Fiat vehicles – a direct connection that no other aftermarket parts company can provide. A complete list of Mopar accessories and performance parts is available at

Mopar-first Features

Mopar has introduced numerous industry-first features including:
-Vehicle-information apps: first to introduce smartphone vehicle-information applications, a new channel of communication with customers
-Electronic owner manuals: first to introduce traditional owner manuals in a DVD and brief user-guide format. First to offer complete vehicle-information kits in Spanish
-Wi-Fi: first to offer customers the ability to make their vehicle a wireless hot spot
-Wireless charging: first to introduce in-vehicle wireless charging for portable devices
-Electronic Vehicle Tracking System (EVTS): first to market with interactive vehicle tracking device that sends owner a text when vehicle is driven too fast or too far based on pre-set parameters
-wiAdvisor: first to provide factory-connected tablet technology in the service lane for instant vehicle diagnosis
-wiTech: first to support vehicle diagnosis and software updates leveraging off-the-shelf personal computers and a dedicated wireless tool network
-2011 Mopar Challenger Drag Pak: first to introduce a 500-plus cubic-inch V-10 drag-race package car



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