Search & Restore – Xtreme 4×4 Edition: Team-Built TJ, Part 2

Search & Restore – Xtreme 4×4 Edition: Team-Built TJ, Part 2

A nationwide team of auto techs drop by the Xtreme 4×4 shop to transform a viewer’s beat-up TJ into a fully-loaded dual-purpose rig! The build continues with stainless exhaust, a custom roll cage, and high-tech axle assemblies.

Check out the rest of our build for a fellow off-roader at 9 a.m. EST Saturday and Sunday on Spike TV!

Check out the parts used on this week’s show right here: Xtreme 4×4 Parts

Cool Camaro on PowerBlock!

This weekend on PowerBlock Courtney will feature a gorgeous ’69 Pro Touring Camaro R-S. It was a two-year frame-off resto that left owner Tommy Harris with a beauty. It’s powered by a 572 big block with 4-10 gears and a Doug Nash five speed. This muscle car makes 675 horsepower! The interior is unusual with a reversed Yellow and Black California Daytona Hound’s-tooth by Camaro Central. It rolls on Forgeline Wheels with Nitto rubber and the paint color is Velocity Yellow with wide black stripes.

Plus, this weekend it’s an an all-new presentation of Search and Restore as we help a veteran and St. Louis-area firefighter finish what he started: A 1974 Dodge Challenger.

Also, we’ll go one-on-one with comedian and hardcore gearhead Christopher Titus from his L.A. garage. See it on PowerBlock February 2 & 3.

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Search & Restore volunteer from AutoZone shows PowerBlock his ’92 Mazda Porter Cab Mini Truck

The next Search & Restore project is already in the works, and for this build, we have volunteers joining us from AutoZone.

Commercial Marketing Manager Justin Moore drove his 1992 Mazda Porter Cab Mini Truck all the way from Memphis, Tennessee, to the PowerBlock Studio outside of Nashville. Even though it took him almost five hours to get here, he gets a whopping 42 miles per gallon in his ride.

“I could have either driven this or my Ford F150, which only gets 12 miles per gallon.”

Justin said he’s always wanted a truck like this since he was 18, and started aggressively searching for one about six years ago. “You usually can’t find them street legal. Most that you find are off-road use only.”

One day Justin found one on eBay that was actually VIN’ed and considered street legal. After talking to his wife, who was reluctant about the purchase (we’ve been there before), he traveled to Cleveland, Ohio, and bought one from a scooter store that was using the truck as a marketing tool.

Justin says that everything on the truck completely stock. It had a 2-cylinder, 550 cc engine and only has 7,000 miles on it.