Russian ATV plows throgh snow and ice

This video from Live Leak shows us that you don’t have to let a little ice and snow ruin your fun with your ride, that is, of course, if you’ve got the right gear to get out in it. For our off-road enthusiasts, you know that winter often means a little extra fun, and an excuse to raise a little extra hell.

Check out one guy’s ATV he built to handle icy terrain, and tell us what you think, PowerBlock fans. Send us a tweet to @PowerBlockTV, or leave us a comment on our Facebook page.

Female driver fails to park correctly after multiple attempts

This female driver in Russia attempts to park her vehicle in her garage. Since we can’t see inside the garage, we’re not quite sure what the problem is or why she’s having so much trouble. Maybe she’s marking too close to the left side and can’t open her door, but it appears that even her dog recognizes that she’s not doing something right.

Click below to watch.



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Camera catches Mercedes crash, rescue of driver

The video below shows an erratic Mercedes driver weaving in and out of traffic before crashing into a cement tank. According to Live Leak, this accident took place on a highway in Russia.

Though the Mercedes is demolished, the driver is miraculously pulled out of his vehicle with the help of bystanders. The driver appears to be shaken up, but ok.

Check it out:



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Russians struggle to cross fresh-paved street

Among the things we questions we had watching this video:

1. How do they not see the orange trucks still paving the street?
2. Does everyone in Russia jaywalk?
3. If you see people struggling to cross that part of the street, why would you follow behind them?

We’re sure you found some others, and we’re confidant you’ll point them out for us.

Well, at least this video made for some interesting mid-morning entertainment.

Check it out.


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