MuscleCar: COPO Interior and Exhaust

MuscleCar: COPO Interior and Exhaust

On a NEW episode of MuscleCar, the guys get to plug in the stock-style interior for their 1969 COPO Camaro tribute project. Then Tommy shows you how to address one of the more often neglected parts of a restoration, the inside of the trunk. Then it’s exhaust from headers to tailpipes as the guys help the Camaro exhale.

Tune in at 10:30 a.m. EST Saturday and Sunday on Spike TV!

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MuscleCar: Copo Camaro Component Restoration

MuscleCar Copo Camaro Component Restoration

This week on a NEW episode of MuscleCar, the guys work on rescuing several stock pieces of their 1969 COPO Camaro Tribute Project. A pair of bucket seats with broken frames need some help, a steering column rebuild can save serious bucks, and we show you a garage-fix for a broken plastic grill!

Catch this NEW episode of MuscleCar at 10:30 a.m. EST on Spike TV!

69 Camaro, the Z28 RS

Plus, flashback takes a look at our COPO’s cousin, another famous ’69 Camaro, the Z28 RS. (AKA “The Hugger.”)

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1970 Plymouth Satellite patrols Seattle streets

If you live in Seattle, blue lines approaching you from behind could come from a 1970 Plymouth Satellite.

The vintage car was recently restored after it was given to the Seattle Police Department by a donor in Nebraska seven years ago.

According to a story by the Associated Press, the Plymouth was supposed to be used as a community relations and educational tool, but Officer Jim Ritter said he began to notice that people were really drawn to the car. In one instance, Ritter said that gang members once approached him, “dropped their swagger” and wanted to talk about the vehicle.

“People will stop their cars and run across three lanes of traffic to get a picture of it,” Ritter said in the Associated Press story, noting that the vehicle has caused at least three fender-benders.

To make sure the Plymouth would be period-correct, Ritter and his friends had to do some serious research before starting the resto. Ritter said in the story that they had to look up getting the paint mix right, track down parts on the internet and find a siren rack.

The car puts out about 330 horsepower, and other than a modern radio, the inside was restored back to 1970. (It doesn’t even have air conditioning.) And Ritter even wears a uniform of that era.

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myPowerBlock: Anthony Cilluffo shows off paint jobs, restoration work

myPowerBlock member Anthony Cilluffo posted some great pics of his work this weekend, showing off restos and paint jobs he’s recently completed.

In the picture you see above, Anthony says he pinstriped a chopper tank with tribal graphics and a Grim Skull over Kandy Brandwine color. He says he also airbrushed a transparent effect to show background color through the skull.

Anthony has been a myPowerBlock member since 2010, but his profile indicates he’s probably had a love for cars most of his life.

You can check out the rest of Anthony’s work by clicking on his profile here.

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