MuscleCar: COPO Camaro Gains its Feet

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MuscleCar’s COPO Camaro tribute project has to be converted from automatic to manual floor pedals, and the firewall gets some factory-style mods that change the car over to big-block style. Then, we show you everything you ever wanted to know about brake lines and fuel lines.

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Grave Digger enthusiast builds quarter-scale replica of popular monster truck

For the past five years, one man has been working on building a quarter-scale Grave Digger monster truck and tracking his progress via YouTube. With more than 16,000 subscribers and more than 15 million views, the project seems to be pretty popular.

In one YouTube description, the man who goes by the alias “rcWizzard” on the video-sharing site said that the Grave Digger quarter-scale replica measures at 46.5 inches long, 29 inches high and 29 inches wide. It weighs 90 pounds and sits on 14×6’’ tires.

He also said that cost of materials has come to around $3,500, but the 609 engine he installed cost $6,790 by itself. He’s spent more than 1200 hours on the project, and as of now, we haven’t seen a projected finish date stated.

Below is his one of his latest videos, Part 24, featuring the Stinger 609.

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Dennis Anderson compares the sizes of the real Grave Digger and the quarter-scale replica.