General Motors: Chevrolet Performance Offers Camaro Rolling Chassis



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From General Motors:

DETROIT – Chevrolet will produce a limited number of Camaro NHRA-certified rolling chassis designed for drag racing that provides racers with a professionally assembled, painted body and chassis ready to be finished. Consumers add their engine, transmission and other drivetrain components.

The rolling chassis go on sale Thursday, March 28, at noon EST and will be priced at $55,000. Each specially numbered chassis is assembled by hand at the same facility that constructs Chevrolet’s COPO Camaro production race cars.

“This is a great opportunity to buy a factory-built foundation for a competitive Camaro race car, saving racers the time of building their own from the ground up and offering them the opportunity to compete with a piece of Chevrolet history, because we’re only going to build a few of them,” said Jim Campbell, General Motors U.S. Vice President of Performance Vehicles and Motorsports. “Add your powertrain assembly and you’ve got a race car that’s ready to tackle the drag strip.”

Many of the components required to complete the transformation into a full race car, including crate engines, racing engine components, electronics – controllers and harnesses – and more, are available direct from Chevrolet Performance. The catalog is online at

“Finishing off your race car with authentic Chevrolet Performance parts helps make it all-Chevy, with uncompromising performance and confidence-inspiring durability,” said Campbell. “All of our hardcore racing parts have been designed and tested to standards unmatched in the aftermarket.”


Ordering information and chassis details
Customers will call 1-800-306-3005 to order a Camaro rolling chassis. The call center will send purchase certificates for the limited number of rolling chassis to be constructed, and customers will take the certificates to the Chevrolet dealerships of their choice to complete the sales.
The completed rolling chassis requires customer pickup in the Detroit area. Each will be serialized, but will not have a Vehicle Identification Number, so they cannot be titled or licensed for road use.

Each rolling chassis is constructed with hardware from the Oshawa assembly plant that manufactures regular-production Camaros. Each is fitted with an NHRA-approved roll cage and other safety equipment, along with NHRA-approved racing chassis and suspension components, including brakes and solid rear axle – minus the third member. Bogart racing wheels mounted on Hoosier tires are also included.

All will come in Summit White, with a production Camaro hood and SS grille, production window glass, headlamps, tail lamps and more. Inside, racing seats, a production-style instrument panel, steering wheel, racing switch panel, door panels, headliner and black carpeting are included. Basic body and chassis wiring is built into the rolling chassis, but it does not come with engine harnesses or a battery.

Customers will need to add basic equipment to complete the assembly, including:

•    Engine and air inlet system
•    Engine mounts
•    Engine controller and wire harness
•    Exhaust headers
•    Coolant hoses (a radiator is included)
•    Transmission and shifter assembly
•    Driveshaft
•    Differential third member.

Chevrolet Performance’s entire range of high-performance and racing crate engines is available to power the rolling chassis, including the three 2013 COPO LS-family engines, which were developed for NHRA Stock Eliminator classes. They include a 350-cubic-inch engine rated at 325 horsepower; a 396-cubic-inch engine rated at 375 horsepower, and a 427-cubic-inch engine rated at 425 horsepower (part number 17802825). Supercharged crate engines based on the 2012 COPO Camaro program are also available, including a 327-cubic-inch engine with a 2.9L supercharger (part number 17802826) and a 327 with a 4.0L blower (part number 17802827). The 350 and 396 engines will be available later this year.

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To celebrate the rare, original 427 COPO Camaro, “MuscleCar” is teaming up with aftermarket partners Chevy Performance, Classic Industries, Barrett-Jackson Restoration Systems and others to build a correct-appearing tribute car with subtle upgrades.

The COPO Camaro legend started in 1969 when Chevy dealers, desperate to beat GM’s ban on selling high-performance small cars, discovered he could order Camaros with 427-inch ZL1 aluminum race engines by using GM’s Central Office Production Order form. They were one of the most powerful street-legal cars Detroit ever built, and with only 69 made, extremely rare.

“Forty-four years later, gearheads continue to lust after these cars. This will be MuscleCar’s highest profile project ever so we are dedicating multiple episodes to detailing what it takes for a guy to build one from the ground up,” said RTM executive producer Joe St. Lawrence.

The tribute car will be built around sponsor products such as a limited edition 430 HP 427 Anniversary Edition crate engine from Chevy Performance and authentic GM Restoration parts from Classic Industries, including everything from brake, suspension, cooling system components and sheet metal. The COPO will be painted with the new Barrett-Jackson Restoration System, which features prep, paint and protection products.

The car will also feature an Auto Gear M22 four-speed transmission, a 12-bolt Moser rear end, Lizard Skin insulation, TMI seats, Wheel Vintiques rally wheels and Firestone Wide Oval tires from Coker Tire.

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