National Donut Day – Mustang, Camaro and Challenger do donuts

Last Friday was National Donut Day, and PowerBlock asked YOU to decide which muscle car did the best one!

After reading all of your comments and tweets, we finally have the results …

3rd place: Camaro

2nd place: Challenger

1st place: Mustang

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Some people enjoy coffee with their donuts. Others enjoy smoke and burning rubber.

Today is National Donut Day, and though many may indulge in eating the yeast-filled, sugary treat, we decided to put a different kind of “spin” on the celebration – literally.

Take a look at the videos below, and tell us which muscle car you think did the best donut.

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Take a look:

MuscleCar: Build By Request, Part 1

This week on a new episode of MuscleCar, the guys answer your e-mails about how to take care of a variety of projects on your car, most of which can save you money. Learn how to weld cast iron, how to fix sloppy, floppy door hinges, and go to paint school. Also, see why all primers are not created equal!

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NASCAR champ Brad Keselowski tours PowerBlock TV Tech Center with Courtney Hansen

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MuscleCar: Copo Camaro Component Restoration

MuscleCar Copo Camaro Component Restoration

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69 Camaro, the Z28 RS

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MuscleCar: COPO Camaro 4-Speed Build

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MuscleCar’s COPO Camaro Paint and Body

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