Camera captures Porsche flipping, crashing

Camera captures Porsche flipping, crashing

The driver and passenger of this Porsche 911 G2 RS sustained non-life-threatening injuries after the vehicle flipped and crashed.

A vehicle following behind with a dash camera captured the entire accident on video.

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BMW passenger steals Porsche 911 on camera

When you’re at a gas station, one of the last things you should have to be concerned about is whether or not your vehicle will get stolen. Most PowerBlock fans know, however, to always lock your doors when you leave your vehicle, even if it’s only for a minute. Of course, that would usually require taking your keys out of the ignition, too, which is something the driver of this Porsche didn’t do either.

In this video below, a passenger gets out of a BMW5 and steals a Porsche 911 at a gas station. It’s hard saying whether or not the BMW followed the Porsche to the gas station and had this planned, but we did notice that the BMW didn’t get gas. The theft looks over the Porsche a few times to see if it’s locked, and unfortunately for the car’s owner, the theft easily opens the door and drives away.



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