myPowerBlock video: Wild and Crazy Mud Bog Run

By looking at Josh Tarver’s profile on myPowerBlock, you can tell that he’s a hard core off-road enthusiast. Throughout his profile are videos he’s produced from several events that he’s attended, and they’re certainly worth showing off.

In the video below, Josh says that an S10 breaks its front axle while getting wild at the Zwolle Tamale Fiesta in Zwolle, Louisiana this year.

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MyPowerBlock: Ladies show off on the trail in Jeep Cherokee

We applaud our fans who get inspired to work on their off-road projects after watching Xtreme 4×4. It takes time, money and effort to transform your daily driver into something that’s ready to take to the trail.

And when the women want to get out with the guys, we’ve got to give them props, too.

A big thanks goes to Gregory Miller, who posted the video below to It shows one of the highlights from a trail trip he took a few years ago with some buddies, as well as a couple of determined ladies who wanted to show that they could keep up.

And they didn’t do too bad either.

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Check this out:

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myPowerBlock member Charles Carriss shares off-road vid

myPowerBlock member Charles Carriss has been posting on our social networking site for awhile, always offering great videos of off road adventures.

In the video below, Charles documented this rig attempting to make it up a hill. At one point, it even flips! But like any well-built rig, it rolls over and tries again.

Check out the video below. It’ll keep you on the edge of your seat!

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