Where Does He Think He’s Going…

Ummm where are you going?

Posted by Lifted Society on Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Not sure where this trucker thinks he’s going…

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Tow truck driver rescues Chevy driven into the ocean

The account that posted this video, Hill Auto Body & Towing, says a couple walking on the beach saw the driver of this Chevy drive down the beach, pause for a minute, and then hammer down on the throttle and plow this truck into the ocean until it quit.

Um, what?!

The guy apparently didn’t have any insurance, and he was just a guy driving his friend’s truck.

The owner of the truck showed up, and the vehicle did start, but it wouldn’t disengage.

“I had him fire it up and then I pulled the starter relay so he could drive it home,” the video poster said.

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Dodge pickup truck becomes submerged during commercial shoot

According to LocalCoastOutpost.com, a Dodge commercial being shot at Luffenholtz Beach in Humboldt County, California, earlier this week resulted in a pickup truck being nearly submerged.

The site said that no one in the film crew could confirm how the truck got stuck, though local residents reported that they “somehow got the rig on a rock, and apparently the tide came up … ”

Jennifer Savage of Humboldt Surfrider’s released the following statement:

As an organization dedicated to the enjoyment and protection of Humboldt County’s beaches and waves, Humboldt Surfrider is extremely dismayed at the film crew’s lack of foresight and will be following up with the appropriate agencies to ensure that restoration and/or compensation for any damage is forthcoming. We also hope to work with the Humboldt Film Commission and relevant government agencies to ensure this sort of carelessness does not happen again. We have people on the scene and will share information as the situation develops.  

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