A couple lives through a 50-foot fall after their car loses control on an expressway

A couple traveling in a Toyota Matrix on the Cross Bronx Expressway hit a patch of ice to avoid hitting a pothole. In doing so, they drove over the side of the highway and fell 50 feet onto the road below.

Though it was a scary experience, the couple was able to walk away from the accident. However, they spent the night in the hospital for observation.

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NYPD employs taxi cabs to use as undercover vehicles

There are certain cabs you don’t want to hail in New York City, and the cab below is one of them. If this undercover cop car ever shows up for you, it’s guaranteed that your next destination is likely somewhere you don’t want to be, and your “fare” will probably have a couple extra zeros at the end.

According to one comment on this YouTube video from someone who may be from New York, “I’ve seen bag ladies, drunks, elegant uptown gentlemen, grandmothers with too many shopping bags, pimps and yes – cabbies – all of whom were plainclothes officers. You never know who is watching, and that’s the whole idea.”

Take a look.

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GMC Kicks Off NFL Season with Times Square Takeover

A press release from General Motors:

The 2012 NFL regular season arrives this week and GMC will be at the ready as the “Official Vehicle of the NFL.” At the NFL Kick-off event in New York City today, the brand arrived in Times Square with a fleet of 33 GMC Sierra fullsize pickups, each featuring logos of the NFL and its 32 teams.

How much capability does that many Sierras represent? Using a Sierra 1500 extended cab with the popular 5.3L V-8 and a standard bed length as an example, 33 trucks equals:

• 62,964 pounds of payload, the weight of 67,162 footballs weighing 15 ounces each, as required by the NFL rulebook.
• 320,100 pounds of towing capacity, the weight of 1,067 NFL linemen at 300 pounds each.

Throughout the 2012 NFL season, GMC’s “Never Say Never” campaign will include weekly contests allowing fans to vote on their favorite plays, interact with football stars on social media, and have opportunities to win a GMC vehicle of their choice, or tickets to Monday Night Football games or even the big game in February. The NFL has an estimated fan base of more than 181 million.

“GMC and the NFL share an image founded on toughness and durability,” said Craig Bierley, GMC advertising and promotions director. “Just as the football season ahead will showcase players stretching the limits of athletic ability, GMC vehicles are engineered for performance and longevity.”

In addition to being the “Official Vehicle of the NFL,” GMC is the official vehicle of ESPN’s Monday Night Football, the Denver Broncos and the Carolina Panthers.

Photo Credit: General Motors

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