Pharmacist steals Corvette from dealership

Pharmacist steals Corvette from dealership

Forty-two year old Simon Dolmanian went to visit the world’s largest Corvette Dealership, Kerbeck Chevrolet, after a night of gambling in Atlantic City.

Dolmanian, a pharmacist, was apparently feeling really lucky because when he showed up at the dealership to inquire about a 2013 Corvette convertible, he decided to drive off after noticing that the keys were left in the car.

According to Street Legal TV, he ended up getting pulled over near the New Jersey side of the Holland Tunnel for reckless driving. The Corvette still had the $71K sticker on the window and discovered that it had been reported stolen from the dealership.

The site says Dolmanian was intoxicated, carrying $40,000 in cash and had a bunch of prescription pills.


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Jason Leffler dies after dirt track crash at Bridgeport Speedway

Jason Leffler dies after dirt track crash at Bridgeport Speedway

UPDATE: USA Today reports that an autopsy shows that Jason Leffler died of neck injuries sustained after his vehicle struck a wall.

37-year-old NASCAR driver Leffler passed away Wednesday after being involved in a dirt track crash.

His vehicle flipped several times before striking the wall during the “Night of Wings” event at the Bridgeport Speedway in New Jersey. USA Today reports that he was extricated from his car and taken to Crozer-Chester Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead.

Leffler leaves behind a 5-year-old son, Charlie.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the Leffler family as they endure the tragic loss of their loved ones.

New Jersey considers ticketing motorists for unrestrained pets in vehicles

We know many PowerBlock fans like to take their dogs with them on road trips, from hunting to fishing to vacation destinations. Man’s best friend is often the best companion in the car. … They don’t talk back, complain or ask to stop 1,000 different times …

According to, New Jersey wants all pet-owning residents to buckle up or crate their pets when they’re driving.

The law was introduces as a bill last week by assemblywoman L. Grace Spencer, who was reported to own a Pomeranian, 5 cats and a rabbit. And under the bill, violators would be subject to a $25 ticket if they’re caught with an animal in the car that wasn’t in some kind of restraint.

The article lists one example of an owner who could be accused of animal cruelty for leaving a dog in the bed of a pickup truck and be fined $1,000.
The Garden State would be the first to introduce a law that would make job riding for a pet illegal.

(It’s probably a good thing that New Jersey doesn’t typically see buffalo, or this couple seen here would be in violation of the law.)



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Dashboard cam captures 86-year-old woman being rescued by police

An 86-year-old driver was rescued from her vehicle after it caught on fire in New Jersey.

The video shows patrol cars pull up to the scene, and two Good Samaritans are trying to get to the victim.

According to, her vehicle struck a tree, but its tires were still spinning at high speed because the unconscious driver was still pressing down on the accelerator. The vehicle caught fire.

One of the officers was trying to get the fire under control, but couldn’t get the vehicle open, the story said.

Two other officers arrive, and all three ran into the woods and managed to pull the victim out of the car while fighting smoke and flames, the report said.

Check out the video of the heroic rescue. We’ll go ahead and warn you that it may be a bit hard to see, but the dashboard camera caught most of what happened.

Philadelphia News, Weather and Sports from WTXF FOX 29


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New Jersey State Troopers formally charged after providing high-speed escort

Two state troopers in New Jersey are in quite a bit of trouble following an incident that provided a high-speed escort for a caravan of luxury cars.

According to, not only did the state troopers violate traffic laws and speed limits, they taped over their own license plates to conceal their involvement.

Speeds of more than 100 miles an hour were reached, the website said. It also reported that one of the officers instructed other drivers in the caravan of high-performance vehicles to conceal their license plates.
The troopers were formally charged with records tampering.

Those involved in the caravan were from the Driving Force Club, an elite New York City-based group for car fanatics who love speed, according to No one in the club is expected to be charged or issued summonses, the site said.

Administrative charges were also brought against four other members of the state police after a high-sped escort in 2010,