Tony Stewart caught grabbing rear-end of Kevin Harvick’s wife

We all have our good luck rituals. Some people might have a lucky object they carry around, a lucky shirt or a lucky … butt grab?

Tony Stewart was caught on camera gabbing the rear end of Kevin Harvick’s wife for “good luck.” Apparently this is something he’s always done.

Stewart told USA Today that it’s the first time cameras have caught him. “This is old news … We’ve been doing that since I was driving the Nationwide car with them. We’ve always joked around and horsed around like that.”

So, did it work out for Stewart? The NASCAR racer finished sixth at Chicagoland Speedway and moved to third in the series standings, the story reported.

See the video of Stewart’s grab here:



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NASCAR Production cuts staff

According to, NASCAR Productions laid off about 15 percent of its Charlotte-based workforce this week in a restructuring of the unit.

32 of 180 jobs were eliminated, and the story reported that some of those employees will remain into the fall as the final leg of the NASCAR Sprint Cup races are run.

“In the last few months we’ve undergone an analysis of our business in Charlotte, particularly on the production side, and it became clear we wanted to redirect our efforts toward NASCAR only,” Steve Herbst, vice president of broadcasting and production said in to the Charlotte Observer.

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