MuscleCar’s Dart gets a paint job, plus we head to the Ford Shelby Meet!


If you’ve checked out the most recent issue of PowerBlock Magazine, you know that we’ve recently featured MuscleCar’s Project Business Time, with stories that feature sheet metal work and how to install a roll cage.

Though we’ve already shown you the completed 700-plus HP project, this weekend on a NEW episode of MuscleCar, our Dart goes from black, to plastic, to primer, to painted! Plus, the guys show you how to use your computer to make graphics for your ride.

“Well, there is no denying that billboards get attention, so we kept that in mind on our Dart!” Tommy said about the project. “And as if the paint, engine and rear tires wouldn’t do the trick, we just had to put the Hemi on the hood!”

Sense a little bit of sarcasm there?

Also, MuscleCar heads to Oklahoma for the 38th annual Ford Shelby Meet! Make sure you check it out this weekend at 9:30 EST on PowerBlock!

Wanna see a parts list for this weekend’s show? Click here: MuscleCar Parts List.

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