Four men arrested and charged with misdemeanors after motorcycle proposal stunt

Several weeks ago, we showed you a video of hundreds of bikers that stopped traffic on a busy California highway so that one biker could propose to his girlfriend.

According to, four men, including Hector Martinez, the would-be groom, have been arrested for the incident and booked for investigation of misdemeanor public nuisance and participating in an unlawful assembly. Martinez was also booked for investigation of exhibition of speed, the story said.

The bride-to-be accepted the proposal, but she’s not facing any charges.

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Lamborghini crashes in race against remote control helicopter

If you line up a Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 with a Suzuki GSX-R1000 and a Trex 800 remote control helicopter, who do you think would win that race?

Well, you probably wouldn’t expect the Lamborghini to crash going against the helicopter.

A promotional video from Align, the manufacturer of the Trex Helicopter, set up a video shoot to show several runs among the three vehicles. Ideally, the company wanted to highlight some of the features of their R/C product, but didn’t expect a horrifying crash to take place.

According to, there were no causalities, and the driver underestimated how much runway he had left.

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Motorcycle rider scares pedestrians with his exhaust

If you’re proud of the power you put under the hood, you know how it feels to make everyone’s heads turn when you roll by.

One motorcycle rider decided to have his day and he decided to have a little fun watching people hurry through crosswalks when he had to stop at traffic lights.

Admit it. You’ve done something like this before.

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Motorcycle rider falls 35 feet down cliff during crash

If a motorcycle rider puts a camera on his helmet or his bike, he’s probably looking to record something to show off later. But this guy just proves why you shouldn’t speed down curvy public highways on a bike.

According to the video description, the guy hit a ditch, shot across two lanes and turned down a 35-foot hill.

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Man loses balance on motorcycle, falls into a boat

A French journalist was testing out a Yamaha FJR 1300 and apparently couldn’t navigate through a marina. We’re gonna give this guy the benefit of the doubt and say he was probably finishing up his test ride. Perhaps after a day on the bike, his legs were a bit tired, and he lost his balance.

Check it out.