Mike Ryan sets new big rig record at Pikes Peak Hill climb!

PowerBlock just got an e-mail from stuntman and Pikes Peak racer Mike Ryan, who let us know how he did at this year’s race.

Mike says they did participate in the Pikes Peak Race this year for the 7th time, and was thrilled to let us know that he broke the Big Rig record again with a time of 12:38!

Nice job, Mike!

Check out the videos we have of Mike Ryan drifting in his truck!


Check out PowerBlock Magazine to see more of Mike Ryan behind the wheel of his big rig. www.powerblockmag.com

Pikes Peak promises to impress fans after being postponed

Anyone who has turned on the TV in the past month has probably seen Colorado in the news. Back in June, wild fires destroyed thousands of acres of land, forcing residents to evacuate their homes, and putting many lives on hold.

Some those people who had to put their lives on hold were participants of the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb.

The U.S. Forest Service told the PPIHC that because conditions were so extreme, and because of the inability to forecast the future of the fire, access to Pikes Peak wouldn’t be permitted during the regularly scheduled week of the race in July.

Since the PPIHC didn’t want to let anyone down, they moved it to Aug. 12. And this weekend, the 90th Pikes Peak Hill Climb will take place with 187 drivers from 15 different countries.

In Issue 38 of PowerBlock Magazine, we shared with you a story about a guy named Mike Ryan, the 12-time class champion at the Pikes Peak International Hill climb and current record holder for the big rig class.

“…After you have done all the various maneuvers, spins, slides, jumps, roll overs and crashes, there wasn’t much left to do that a person could service, so I started playing with big trucks to see if I could do them, what I can do in a car. A lot of them have worked out really well, and I am proud of them,” Ryan said.

We’re still waiting to hear back from Ryan to find out whether or not he’s competing this year. We’ll definitely update PowerBlock fans as soon as we find out!

Check out PowerBlock Magazine to see more of Mike Ryan behind the wheel of his big rig. www.powerblockmag.com

Did you know:

Started in 1916, the Pikes Peak Hill Climb is America’s second-oldest motorsport race. Driving his Romano Demon Special, 22-year-old Rea Lentz was not only the youngest man in the race, but clinched the first Pikes Peak Championship. He made in down the track in 20 minutes, 55.6 seconds.