Dash cam captures scary semi hit-and-run in Canada

A semi truck driver is pushed off the road in Ontario Highway 11.

According to the youtube poster, the semi truck wasn’t driving too fast and it was carrying a full load when the other semi truck illegally passed a snow plow heading into a curve.

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Chicago hit-and-run driver caught on camera

The first hit-and-run accident in this video took place on West Belmont Avenue in Chicago when a driver hit a cab and tried to flee. The cab driver asked the motorist for his insurance multiple times, but the 20-year-old offender was more concerned about getting away.

In the driver’s efforts to flee the scene, he also struck multiple vehicles.

Police said that the driver later crashed into a tree off camera, and he faces several traffic misdemeanors.

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Dash Cam Video: BMW driver hits a scooter and takes off

To those of you who wonder why there are so many dash cams in Russia and other Asian countries, this is a good example of why they come in handy.

A scooter rider in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, is struck by a BMW driver as they met at an intersection. Watch the video, and tell us what you think.

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Russian dash cam captures Infinity’s hit-and-run

Russian dash cam captures Infinity's hit-and-run

Watch the driver of this Infinity FX aggressively intimidate a Mitsubishi Colt, sending it into the guard rail and causing a crash. The Infinity is seen taking off, but it appears that no one was seriously injured, and thankfully, the incident was caught on, you guessed it, a Russian dash cam.

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Justin Bieber Hit and Run

justin beiber in white ferrari

With such a high demand for good quality photos of 19-year-old Justin Bieber, the paparazzi just won’t leave him alone. On Monday night, some paparazzo dude went a little too far, and boy did he pay the price.

The “Beauty and the Beat” singer was leaving an Los Angeles comedy club with his friend “Lil Twist” (really?!?) when multiple photographers bombarded the pop singer as he was trying to leave. It was reported that Bieber didn’t see one of the photographers and ran right into him. The photographer sustained only minor injuries, but it’s obvious in the video that the guy and his friends made a huge deal out of the incident. The video above shows them all spazzing out.

Bieber was cleared of any potential charges after an LAPD investigation.

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Florida officer under investigation after leaving scene of accident

A man crossing a crosswalk was struck by an Orlando, Florida, police officer, who left the scene of the incident after checking to make sure the pedestrian was ok.

Multiple reports say that the officer exited the vehicle, asked him if he was ok, and them blamed him for crossing the street when the signal said it wasn’t ok to cross.

The man called 911 after the officer left, and a witness called 911 saying that the man needed medical attention.

Responding officers found him at fault for crossing the crosswalk when the signal indicated not to cross, and the officer is being charged with leaving the scene of an accident.

The officer is currently under investigation.

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