Forza catches fire doing a burnout

A Forza doing a burnout was putting on a great show … until it caught fire. Check it out.

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Fire engulfs monster truck during tug-of-war battle

Take a couple of minutes and watch this. When it comes to these tug-of-war competitions, this video is a prime example of why it should be done in a professional environment.


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“Dash cam” shows firemen responding to an emergency in 1926


Two videos found on Live Leak show Chief Kenlon and his fire crew responding to a fire on April 24, 1926, in Brooklyn, New York. In the first video below, it starts out showing an emergency vehicle leaving the station, followed by footage that came from a camera that was mounted to the truck.

It’s obvious in the video that there was very little organization to traffic flow in the 1920s, and as we mentioned on facebook, you’ll see responders drive around a traffic jam via the sidewalk. You’ll probably notice all of the snow along the sides of the roads. That probably didn’t make things easier.

The second video shows the entire rescue from the moment responders were alerted, to the time they got to the fire. It’s a little bit longer, but if you have a few minutes, it’s worth a look.

Neither videos have sound, and the second video is narrated with text. Check ‘em out.



HS Sedan burnout starts fire

Some of you have probably heard about this video, but for those of you who haven’t, an HQ Sedan in New South Wales, Australia, was participating in what was probably a burnout competition when a row of plants were suddenly set on fire.

According to the YouTube video poster, blownhemi, the theory is that the car backed up so close to the row of plants that the couple of blips on the throttle with the “rich-running engine” dumped enough raw methanol out of the pipes, and all it took was a loose spark to ignite it all.

Check it out: