Gearhead’s Mazda Miata catues fire during engine start-up

23-year-old Shawn Price was working on installing a Chevy 350 in his Mazda Miata when it suddenly caught fire.

“I was super excited to start it,” he said. “I could not start with exhaust manifolds because they would not fit. I have to make my own. But aside from that, I mounted the car via modified subframe and hooked a house on the rear to keep the engine level.”

He said he hooked up all the fuel lines and gave it a go, but the engine erupted into flames, and Price suffered 1st and second degree burns all over his arm and leg.

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HAV R8 catches fire on the dyno

This HSV R8 caught fire on the dyno. According to the YouTube poster, the car doesn’t run on nitrous, nor did it destroy the motor. Apparently an injector o-ring failed, spraying the engine bay with fuel. Luckily no one was hurt, and the car was running again 30 minutes later.

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Video captures Lamborghini Miura burning to the ground

The first three minutes of this video show a Lamborghini Miura SV burning to the ground in the middle of a street in London before rescue crews arrived to extinguish the fire.

Multiple sources report that the car had been worked on, and the owner had just picked it up not long before it caught fire, though the exact cause isn’t known

Off-road ride erupts into fire

You never know what you’re gonna see at a mud bog, whether it’s a modified rig or a nitrous explosion. In the video above, one man’s ride erupts into a massive fire. Thankfully, it was put out quickly, and it appears that no one was injured.

2013 Battle at the Beach in Daytona results in flips, fires, crashes

Yesterday’s Daytona Battle of the Beach 2013 was a series of flips, fires and chaos, and that’s putting it lightly. The caution flag was issued at least 17 times.

In the video below, Danny Bohn was exiting Turn 4 when Ryan Pries lifts him onto the wall and flips Danny upside down. Within seconds, the car ignites, but luckily, rescue crews were able to get him out of the vehicle in time. Take a look.

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