Track erupts into flames after motorcycle crash

A legal street race held for amateurs in New Zealand ended with a pretty big blaze on the track. The accident took place during the last lap of the race when a Ducati rider high sided in front of the bike with the mounted camera. The bikes collided and fuel went all over the place, which made the perfect storm for a fire.

Thanks to the quick response, track officials had it under control within a minute, and there were no major injuries.

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A runaway Jeep on fire drives through city streets of Austin

According to KXAN, this Jeep “backfired and caught fire” not long after leaving a parking garage. The driver jumped out of the vehicle, but the Jeep kept going until it hit a BMW.

Officials say that no one was hurt.

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Driver escapes drag car after fire ignites

When the throttle on this Mazda RX-3 gets stuck wide open, the driver crashes into the wall, and you can see it burst into flames.

Miraculously, the driver was able to get out of the vehicle without serious injury.

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Car is set on fire after parking illegally on playground

This is a lengthy video, but you won’t have to watch the entire thing to know what happens.

A man was upset that another driver parked his ride on a playground, so he lit it on fire. The incident was captured on a nearby security camera.

The car is ignited about :50 seconds into the video, and the vehicle is further engulfed by flames within 6-7 minutes. The wind really starts to pick up around 12:20, and the owners of the other parked cars move their vehicles around the 13:00 minute mark.

The fire department finally shows up 23 minutes into the video.

Oh, of course this happened in Russia.

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Bad brakes on Memphis fire truck causes accident at scene of fire

Though it was inspected hours before answering an emergency call, a fire truck in Memphis crashed through a fence and a concrete barrier at the scene of a fire.

According to, the fire truck was 20 years old and is part of a problem that emphasizes the needs of the Memphis fire department.

“Certainly we have an aging fleet,” said Joe Norman of the Memphis Fire Fighters Association. “It’s worn out, beat down and over time responding to emergencies, it needs to be replaced.”

Many of the back-up fire trucks have an expired shelf life, with some being more than 30 years old, the story said.

“It is fortunate the fence was there,” Norman said. “Otherwise, who knows what could have occurred.”