Forza catches fire doing a burnout

A Forza doing a burnout was putting on a great show … until it caught fire. Check it out.

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Driver ejected from vehicle after epic jump fail

In the video below, a driver and his passenger attempt a steep jump in a Toyota that results in the driver being ejected from the vehicle.

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Eagle Talon falls off a dyno in epic fail

A 400 WHP Eagle Talon falls off the side of a dyno after hitting its max. According to the YouTube description, one of the straps holding it on the dyno was melted by the external waste gate.

“These videos are pretty crazy to watch,” HorsePower host Mike Galley said. “People can be very careless when strapping them down. The rule of thumb is common sense and proper anchor points.”

Mike says he always attaches the straps to the rear end housing and not the frame rails. “This is the best anchor point due to the axle being stationary. If the frame rails ere the anchor point, the vehicle can move up and down and forward and back due to suspension, travel and movement. This can also stretch the straps and allow them to rub on parts of the vehicle.”

The most common mistake Mike says he’s seen is that someone lets the straps touch the exhaust. “During the run, the exhaust heat rapidly increases and melts the straps in half, and the next thing you know, the car is bucking and jumping around on the dyno platform.”

Thanks for the advice, Mike!

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Honda Civic burnout fail

A Honda Civic hatch back chained to a large concrete block does a burnout and catches fire.

We have a feeling this wasn’t supposed to end like this.

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Dyno testing for Mitsubishi EVO goes all wrong

A Mitsubishi EVO alls off a pillar during a Dyno testing. But we’re not sure what’s worse, the fact that it fell or the fact that it only ran 450 HP.

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