1965 El Camino puts out 1327 horses on the dyno

1965 El Camino puts out 1327 horses on the dyno

This 1965 El Camino has a BBC 565 with a F3R139 Procharger. The YouTube description says its 1500 hp-capable, though it only put out 1327 rwhp in this dyno run.

Right after the dyno run is a video of the El Camino doing a couple of wheelies down the quarter mile, so stick around for the end.

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A burnout in a 1972 El Camino

The 1972 El Camino in the video below is packed with a Big Block 402 and belongs to Sanya Becker. She says she’s had the car since she was 14, and the YouTube description says it was fully restored by the Becker family.

Check it out as she does a pretty cool burnout.

GM clears online rumors of El Camino, Nomad trademark filings

When Automotive News reported that General Motors was filing trademarks for the Chevy El Camino and the Chevy Nomad, the internet was abuzz with speculation about the possibility of the automaker bringing the two cars back.

However, in a recent follow-up story from Autoblog, the recent trademark filings were just part of routine paperwork. Every now and then, automakers are required to renew trademark filings for the names of previous vehicles.

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Automotive history: Chevy introduces El Camino on this day in 1959

On this day in 1959, Chevrolet introduced the El Camino. The El Camino was a sedan-pickup truck combo and was arguably the answer to the Ford Ranchero, which was introduced 2 years earlier.

The El Camino was built on Chevy’s passenger-car chassis that featured a full-coil suspension to go with the “Safety-Girder” X-frame design. The vehicle’s length was around 210 inches, and depending on the powertrain and suspension options, could weigh up to 4,900 pounds.

The first-gen El Camino could we equipped with a 283-cid Turbo-jet V8 with two- or four-barrel carburetion and several Turbo-Thurst 348-cid V8s with four-barrel or triple two-barrel carbs, though a 235 cubic-inch, 3.9-liter I6 was also available. For those who wanted even more power, the 250- and 290-BHP 283-cube Ramjet Fuel injection engines were available.

During the first year, more than 22,000 El Caminos were sold, barley beating the 21,000+ Ford Rancheros sold. The El Camino was discontinued after 1987.



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