VL Turbo PSI-03L jumps off the dyno

A VL Turbo PSI-03L jumps off the dyno during its run while two of the car owner’s friends are sitting on the back of the vehicle.

The idea itself isn’t so smart. But what happens afterward shows that no one learned anything from the car-jumping blunder, because two significantly bigger people are then asked to sit on the back of the car.

And take a guess at what happens …

Engine blows up on the dyno!

According to the YouTube description of this video, a Boss 557 was on the dyno when everything goes wrong. “Had to rush for dyno time and did not have billet flywheel. We used stock 429 flywheel.”

The video poster said this was the 7th run on the dyno, and the engine reached 850 horsepower before it blew.