Vaughn Gittin Jr., Ken Block show off at the Gymkhana Grid finals

We love it when Vaughn Gittin Jr. and Ken Block post drifting videos. They never cease to amaze, they’re not boring, and we never know what they’re gonna do next.

In the video below, Vaughn Gittin, Jr. and Ken Block tear up some tires at the Gymkhana Grid finals in the UK. The autocross event took place back in October and showcased the talent and skills of some of the best drifters in the world.

Check out the video below of two of the most recognized names in the sport as they go head-to-head against east other in the finals.

Stunt video highlights drifting school bus

Imagine sending your kids off to school with a helmet before they got on the school bus. Would you feel good knowing your hard-earned taxes were paying for your kids to do a little drifting and (mild) off-roading before they went to school?

Depending on the parent, perhaps one would think it should be a requirement.

The youtube description says that these stunts were done by professionals and shouldn’t be tried at home. But you can check out the video below:

Truck avoids deadly accident with some serious drifting skills

Put your phones and computers on mute for this one. The music is playing in the car is terrible. But, that’s not always something you think about when you’ve got a dash cam.

But what’s really worth watching is the way this truck avoids an accident on a Russian highway. See how he drifts around a car that pulled out in front on him and avoids a serious crash.

(See mad drifting skills from this General Lee replica.)

Check it out here: