Terrifying police chase in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, caught on dash cam video

police chase caught on video

A police chase with a Ford Taurus reached speeds of more than 100 mph in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

While the driver of the Taurus was heading for and exit, he changed lanes at the last second and hit the concrete interstate divider, which sent his car airborne right into the windshield of a pursuing police officer.

It was reported that the officer behind the wheel of the cruiser suffered a broken foot, in addition to airbag burn, and back and neck pain.

While the driver of the Taurus was being treated at a local hospital, he scratched a nurse and drew blood.

The man faces of reckless endangering of safety, operating a vehicle while intoxicated, fleeing from an officer and a slew of other charges. If convicted, he could face more than 30 years in prison.

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Dash cam captures vehicle spontaneously combusting


A dash cam video out of Russia captures a car spontaneously combusting while stuck in a traffic jam. The vehicle quickly became engulfed in flames, and the possibility of oil on the road may have caused the fiery incident.

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BMW gets stuck in railroad blockade

There appears to be a problem with a retractable blockade at this railroad crossing, and rather than try to slowly go past it, this BMW driver pushes his way through.

And as if that weren’t bad enough, calling in a backhoe seemed to add insult to injury.

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Car attempts to avoid debris

A driver tries to avoid what appears to be debris in the road and ends up crashing into the wall and rolling his vehicle.

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