2013 Ford Mustang Cobra Jet crashes after wheelie

Thousands of drag races that take place across the country are composed of several amateur drivers who have usually made their own mods and performance enhancements to their vehicles in hopes of impressing friends and spectators. And unfortunately, accidents happen.

In the video below, this 2013 Ford Mustang Cobra Jet was at the Cecil County Dragway in Northeast Maryland last week at the ABM Nationals when it crashed, the YouTube description said. Luckily, the driver was ok.

Watch as this Mustang Cobra Jet crashes shortly after landing a wheelie:

From inside the car:

Car’s left turn results in horrifying motorcycle crash

Cars making left turns are a motorcycle rider’s worst nightmare, and this video is just further proof of why.

In the video below, a motorcycle rider is cruising down a city street in (you guessed it) Russia, when a car makes a left turn in front a motorcycle. The rider is going too fast to stop, and slams into the car.

See it here:

NASCAR Flashback: Jeff Gordon’s fight with Jeff Burton during Texas 500

Yesterday’s race in Phoenix wasn’t Jeff Gordon’s first fight on the track. The video at the link below shows a fight between Jeff Burton and Jeff Gordon from the Texas 500 in 2010.

And if you missed the fight from Sunday’s race, see it here.

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Check out the video here:

Gordon, Bowyer address NASCAR wreck, fight after race

Autosport.com has reported that Jeff Gordon has refused to apologize for deliberately taking Clint Bowyer out of Sunday’s NASCAR Spring Cup race at Phoenix.

Jeff Gordon and Clint Bowyer hit the wall, prompting flames and tempers to flare. The following events resulted in Gordon and Bowyer’s pit crews exchanging words and punches.

See that video by clicking here.

Gordon was summoned to the NASCAR hauler after the race, and at this time, no penalties have been handed out yet, Autosport.com reported.

“Clint has run into me numerous times, wrecked me and he got into me on the back straightaway, pretty much ruined our day. I’ve had it, was fed up with it and got him back,” Gordon was quoted saying in the story.

Bowyer has been quoted in numerous reports saying that Gordon’s actions were “embarrassing” and “ridiculous.”

“The last person in the world you want to get into anything with is Jeff Gordon on the race track,” said Bowyer. “I mean, you’re down there racing, the track’s extremely slick, we’re all on tyres. I didn’t even need to pass him. That’s the thing. All I was doing is riding around biding my time. The only thing I had to do is keep the #5 car [Kahne] within reach, so for him to act like that… I barely touched him and then I feel him get into Turn Three and try to turn me and he missed and then next thing I know Brett’s [Griffin, Bowyer’s spotter] telling me on the radio that he’s trying to do. He’s waiting on me.”

Autosports.com reports that NASCAR’s vice president of competition, Robin Pemberton, didn’t anticipate what action, if any, would be taken against Gordon.

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Crash, fight erupt between NASCAR’s Jeff Gordon, Clint Bowyer

According to CBS, Jeff Gordon ran Clint Bowyer into a wall during Sunday’s AdvoCare 500 at Phoenix Int’l Raceway that ignited flames and a fight.

The driver’s made contact while racing for position, and the impact cut Gordon’s tire, sending him into the wall, CBS said.

The story reported that Gordon limped around for a handful of laps, ignoring NASCAR’s black flag until he came across Bowyer, and then turned into his car to trigger a multi-car crash.

On twitter this morning, Darrell Waltrip tweeted, “some of you will find this hard to believe, when #JeffGordon was going after #ClintBowyer, last thing he was thinking about was TV ratings.”

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Check out the video of the crash and fight: