10-year-old cited for careless driving after rolling SUV into DMV office

She’s not even old enough to have a driver’s license, but she already has something against her driving record.

A 10-year-old in Colorado put her mom’s SUV into gear and drove it through a DMV in Colorado.

According to The Denver Channel, the mother parked her GMC Envoy outside of the office with the engine off and the keys in the ignition and left her two daughters, ages 12 and 10, inside as she went inside.

The story says that’s when the 10-year-old jumped into the driver’s seat, started the SUV and put the vehicle into gear. It then rolled through the front window of the office until the mother opened the driver’s side door and stopped the SUV from causing more damage.

No injuries were reported. But the 10-year-old was cited for careless driving.
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Bears destroy Honda Element outside of Colorado man’s home

A man in Colorado was shocked to find that a mother bear and her two cubs destroyed his family’s Honda Element outside of their Indian Hills home.

The family believes that the animals may have gotten locked inside the car after rummaging through the vehicle, became scared and obliterated the car in their effort to get out.

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Firefighters endure flood waters to rescue those in Colorado

Firefighters endure flood waters to rescue those in Colorado

Sometimes we don’t realize what rescue crews have to go through to help save lives. Check out this video taken from inside of a fire truck that was driving through flood waters in Colorado.

It may not be the most exciting of videos to watch, but it (somewhat) puts things into perspective.

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Colorado, Canyon to receive four-cylinder Duramax diesel options

Colorado, Canyon to receive four-cylinder Duramax diesel options

General Motors has stepped up to the plate to offer a diesel options of its mid-sized pickups.

Automotive News reports that the redesigned Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon are slated to get a version of GM’s 2.5-liter or 2.8-liter, four-cylinder Duramax turbodiesels, which currently power the Colorado in overseas markets.

The site says that the diesel option will be added to the U.S. lineup abut a year after the fall 2014 launch of the redesigned trucks.

“You’ve got to keep a closer eye than ever before on what the competition is doing and what they’re offering,” Jeff Luke, executive chief engineer for GM’s full-sized and mid-sized trucks, told Auto News. “At the same time, you’ve got to make sure that you’re not confusing the customer with too many choices.

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Elderly couple accidentally steals a ’92 Cutlass when they mistake it for their ’93 LeBaron


A story from KATU reports that an elderly couple in Ontario, Oregon, mistakenly left in a 1992 Cutlass from a Red Apple grocery store parking lot.

Apparently the couple confused it with their 1993 Chrysler LeBaron. The other couple who owned the Cutlass left their keys in the car, and when they realized their vehicle was stolen, they filed a police report.

The story did not say if the couple who owned the Cutlass meant to leave the keys in the vehicle.

A few days later, employees at the Red Apple grocery store called police complaining about a 1993 Chrysler LeBaron that had been left in the parking lot for several days. According to the story, officers ran the license plate and traced it to the couple who had mistakingly stolen the Cutlass.

Officers called the couple and asked them why their vehicle was left in the parking lot, and the couple told police that their vehicle wasn’t at the grocery store, but said it was parked at their home.

When police arrived at the couple’s home, they realized what had happened.

The vehicles were returned to their rightful owners, and no charges were filed.

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Ford SUV harasses cyclists, driver gets cited

Two guys going for a bike ride in Colorado encounter an impatient motorist who won’t stop blowing the horn as their vehicle follows closely behind the cyclists.

The video shows that the cyclists aren’t taking up the entire road and there should be enough room for the Ford SUV to maneuver around them safely. In fact, depending on what state you live in, you may be allowed to pass a cyclist on a double yellow line as long as you yield to on-coming vehicles.

The guys on the bikes capture everything with their cell phones. In the video description, the person who posted the video says that the motorist, for some reason, doesn’t like seeing bikes and others have had similar run-ins with that driver.

“We saw him approaching from behind, and to be polite, we ride single-file to give him as much road as possible, as we did with every other car we encountered on this road …”

According to ABC News, Colorado State Patrol issued a citation Thursday to the 75-year-old SUV driver for harassment, impeding the flow of traffic and improper use of a horn or warning device.

The story also recalls Colorado’s Bicycle Safety Act passed in 2009, saying that motor vehicles must give bicyclists three feet of space when passing and vehicles may cross they center yellow line to pass bikes. Bicyclists must ride as far right as they deem safe, and they do not have to ride in the gutter. Bicyclists are also allowed to ride side-by-side but are required to ride single-file when a car approaches.

See the video here:



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