General Motors shows off 2013, 2014 models to dealers in Las Vegas

The Detroit News reports that General Motors and Chevy execs were in Las Vegas this week to show off 2013 and 2014 models to thousands of dealers and reps.

Some of the models included the 2014 Chevy Silverado (which PowerBlock reported spy shots on. See those by clicking here.), the 2014 Tahoe, the 2014 Suburban and the 2014 SS performance sedan, the story said.

This event came about six weeks before the 2012 SEMA show, one of the auto industry’s most popular trade shows where publicity and awards are given to the hottest vehicles in the world.

“2013 will be an amazing year for Chevrolet with 13 new or significantly updated vehicles, so we had a lot to show our dealers,” Chevrolet spokesman Mike Albano said in an email to The Detroit News about the national dealers meeting.

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