Auto journalist ordered to pay $175K after blowing Porsche 917 engine


A British automotive journalist destroyed an engine of a Porsche 917 while taking it for a test drive.

Mark Hales arranged to do a story on retired racer and collector David Piper in 2009, and part of the agreement included allowing Hales to drive the $2 million car.

The journalist wasn’t just a writer, but an experienced race driver who was familiar with older race cars, a story in Yahoo autos said. British court documents say that Hales agreed to keep the 12-cylinder boxer engine in the 917 under 7,000 revs; however, the journalist over-revved the engine to 8,200 rpms, blown git.

The court ordered Hales to pay $74,000 in damages and about $100,000 in court costs. Yahoo autos says that Hales said he’ll probably lose his home and go into bankruptcy if the order stands.

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