Police want to charge 10 drivers involved in multi-car crash in Japan

JAPAN OUT This photo taken on December

A few weeks ago, we told you about a group of Ferraris that were in a multi-car accident on a Japanese highway after a driver lost control of one of the luxury vehicles. Now Japanese law enforcement are wanting to charge 10 drivers.

According to news.sky.com, police say that 10 drivers, aged between 38 and 61, were exceeding the speed limit or not paying attention to the road.

“Some of the drivers told us they didn’t really know the specifications of their cars or just how powerful their acceleration was,” one officer was quoted on the website.

The story said that the drivers were on their way to a supercar event in Hiroshima. Six people were injured, but there were no casualties.

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Photos from news.sky.com

Spectators struck during Ferrari 458 accident in Brazil

A Ferrari accident in Rio de Janiero, Brazil, left three people injured after the sports car ran through a barrier on a track. According to autoevolution.com, the driver lost control of the vehicle and struck spectators.

The driver was taken into custody almost immediately before being attacked by an angry mob while those injured received on-site first aid for their injuries.

The driver of this C6 Corvette actually survives!

A story from CorvetteBlogger.com reports that a man driving his C6 Corvette on the 405 Freeway in California slammed into the back of a semi truck.

The Corvette was trapped, as was the driver, who was alive and conscious with non-life-threatening injuries the entire time.

The accident took place after 11 p.m. Monday near Getty Center Drive, the site says. Investigators are still looking to in the cause of the accident.

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Photos from CorvetteBlogger.com.

Sneezing fit contributed to multi-car crash at dealership lot

The California Highway Patrol said that a sneezing fit was to blame after a truck driver crashed into nearly a dozen vehicles at a dealership, Inside Bay Area reported.

A 42-year-ld man was driving the truck when he started sneezing uncontrollably and drove the vehicle to the right and crashed into a 2001 Mitsubishi parked on the shoulder. The truck then pushed the Mitsubishi up onto the sidewalk, off the roadway, then continued overt the sidewalk and into a metal fence that belonged to the dealership, the story said.

The truck was only going about 30-35 mph.

Law enforcement officials say that they don’t believe that drugs or alcohol were involved.

Photo Credit: insidebayarea.com

Car’s left turn results in horrifying motorcycle crash

Cars making left turns are a motorcycle rider’s worst nightmare, and this video is just further proof of why.

In the video below, a motorcycle rider is cruising down a city street in (you guessed it) Russia, when a car makes a left turn in front a motorcycle. The rider is going too fast to stop, and slams into the car.

See it here: