2014 Chevy SS gets the Hennessey treatment

A 2014 Chevy SS with a Hennessey HPE600 supercharged upgrade completes the quarter-mile in 11.84 seconds at 117 mph!

According to the YouTube description, it is equipped with drag radial tires and runs on 93 octane pump fuel.

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GM announces plans for 2014 Chevy SS

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GM recently announced that it will showcase the 2014 Chevy SS sports sedan February 21, 2013, just before the Daytona 500, when the NASCAR version makes its debut.

Rumor has it that the Chevy SS will see improvements to fuel efficiency with innovations to lightweight construction.

Consumers can definitely expect to see a V8 option, and possibly a V6 option if demand is high enough.

Other updates include improved suspension, electric power steering and a keyless engine start.

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