You would think this 1963 Chrysler Turbine was a jet!

When Chrysler started working on its Turbine Car more than 50 years ago, only 55 of them were built – five prototypes and 50 “production” cars; however, the idea really didn’t go anywhere.

You may find one in a museum, but it’s more rare to see one on the street.

The one seen here ran at almost 45,000 RPMs, and according to the YouTube description, it could run on just about any type of fuel.

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1963 Corvette Stingray found, restored from abandoned auto garage

In East St. Louis, Illinois, a man who once owned an auto repair business ordered a 1963 Corvette Stingray not long after it rolled off the assembly line, but it happened to be right before his wife gave birth to twins.

A Corvette isn’t exactly a family car, so the man kept it stored in his auto repair garage.

Corvette Blogger reports that after decades of change brought to the St. Louis, Illinois, area, the town became a crime-ridden city after businesses and manufacturing companies left. The Corvette was backed into a corner of the man’s auto shop with just over 31,000 miles on the odometer.

Bring in Tim Thorpe from Thorpe’s Body and Corvette Shop in O’Fallon, Illinois. Corvette Blogger says that Thrope had heard about the Corvette sitting in the abandon garage and said he’d one day like to take a trip to East St. Louis to see if the car was still there. At a social gathering in 2011, Corvette Blogger says he met a man from the city where the car was stored, and it turns out that he was talking to the son of the man who owned the Corvette and garage!

After talking to the son, Tim negotiated an arrangement to check out the Corvette and restore the 1960s classic.

“The tires were locked, the original motor was outside of the car, and the transmission wouldn’t budge. It took me and my team quite some time to get this car out of its habitat where it had been sitting for some 25 or so years, he says.”

According to Corvette Bloger, the frame-off restoration took over a year to complete. “This car has wonderful history, made in St. Louis at the plant, and titled to East St. Louis, IL. This car never left a 30 mile radius of where it was originally born at the plant. It was such an honor to restore this car and be a part of some serious history, and one hell of a story!”

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