Stolen Corvette found 10 years later

Wednesday 19th, September 2012 / 10:54
Stolen Corvette found 10 years later

There’s no happier ending to a stolen car story when it’s found in one piece, even if it is a decade later.

Ten years ago, a man reported his 1968 Corvette stolen. That model year was tough for the classic muscle car for a few reasons. It was the first year that the government’s safety and emissions standards took effect, and the C3’s styling was criticized for being too excessive and bulky, which disappointed fans of the Chevy model.

The ’68 was the first the Sting Ray, and one of the biggest changes to the model year was made under the hood. Though powertrains were retained from the pervious generation, GM substituted the two-speed Powerglide automatic from the previous year with a three-speed Turbo Hydra-Matic transmission. Consumers could also choose if they wanted the 427 that produced 435 horses, or something smaller, such as the 300 and 350-bhp small blocks.

The Corvette that was reported stolen what a white convertible with a black top and packed a 350 V8. According to, it was found in Brisbane, Australia after inspectors decided to finally open a shipping container that had been left undisturbed for 10 years.

The story reported that the owner of the car had already collected insurance money from the stolen vehicle, so the Corvette will be placed in the Manheim Auctions on September 25 on behalf of the insurance company, who hopes to get between $14-17,000.

Photo Credit: Corvette Blogger



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