Should NASCAR have issued a caution?

The internet is buzzing with yesterday’s controversial NASCAR finish after Marcos Ambrose took first place at the Finger Lakes 335 at Watkins Glen yesterday.

NASCAR officials are sticking to their claim that they were not aware that there was a problem with oil spilled on the track.

According to Yahoo! Sports, Bobby Labonte’s car has been blamed for the oil spill, and NASCAR has defended its decision not to issue a caution by stating, “The only corner-worker reports were that the 47 (Bobby Labonte) was smoking.”

The article says Brad Keselowski’s car made contact with Kyle Busch in the final laps. Keselowski told Yahoo!, “I hate to say there was nothing I could do, but there was literally nothing I could do. It was just one big, giant oil slick underneath his car, and I feel bad about that.

“Oil all over the race track. It’s pretty ridiculous they don’t want to end a race under caution and put that many cars in jeopardy,” Jeff Gordon said.

It was noted that Kyle Busch avoided making comments after the race.

Take a look at the video, and let us know what you think.