See how the Camaro is turning heads in the UK



The Olympic athletes aren’t the only ones getting attention in the UK right now. The Camaro is turning heads as it shows how it holds up against the Infinity G37.

According to the UK blog Auto Express, the Camaro has been modified to appeal to the European market.

Only 200 of these vehicles will be coming to the UK, guaranteeing exclusivity. “If you want supercar levels of attention for half the outlay, then it’s the car for you,” the blog says.

Some of the cons it received included poor fuel economy, a “flimsy roof” and a “relatively disappointing cabin;” however, it was said to be a vehicle that “will always entertain.”

Comparatively, the Infinity provided a disappointing driving experience dubious looks and a cramped and old-fashioned interior, the blog said.

“It’s hard to see Infinity luring customers away from mainstream rivals, and the car doesn’t have anywhere near enough charm to be an alternative choice.”