Search & Restore preview: Tom Moore’s 1951 Hudson

Tom Moore is a gearhead’s best friend! Whether you were a neighbor, cousin, nephew, or just a casual acquaintance, if you had a problem with your car or truck, “Tommy” was there with wrench in hand.

He was a Mopar lover from birth, and the mechanic in his parent’s family of 8 kids, and he always loved the Hudson. In fact, his grandfather owned a brand new ‘51 Hudson Hornet Club Coupe, his dad bought a ‘49 Hudson new and new ’52 Hornet.

But Tom Moore found his in upstate New York in 1995, and brought it home to make it his own.

After 10 years as a daily driver, his ’51 Hudson began transformation into the lead sled of his dreams. But a terrible fall off a roof a while back, shattered his ankle, which never healed properly. He was known as “the man with the rubics foot!” Dozens of surgeries later, Tom was rendered disabled.

Unable to work, unable to return to his job at Chrysler, and unable to finish his dream car.

Tom’s daughter Taylor relayed her dad’s story to Tim Strange and our Search & Restore build team in a tearful confessional, and the rest is history.

We travel just outside Detroit, Michigan to rescue a dream, grant a daughter’s wish, and to restore some pride in a PowerBlock viewer who spends these days managing his pain, and taking care of his elderly parents.

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Check out a preview below: